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Daniel Shawhan
Visiting Fellow

​Much of Daniel Shawhan’s research focuses on predicting and estimating the effects of electricity policies, including environmental ones. He has played a leading role in developing a new set of capabilities for simulating how power grids, power plants, and pollution levels will respond to potential changes in policy. The same simulation capabilities can be used to evaluate the effects of potential new power plants and transmission lines. In related statistical work, Shawhan has examined whether power plant startups and ramping greatly increase emissions, whether windfarms really reduce emissions from fuel-burning power plants, and whether the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative cap-and-trade program has increased emissions in the neighboring coal-rich state of Pennsylvania. He also has an interest in electricity market design and environmental policy design. Before becoming an academic, Shawhan was a consultant to state governments, crafting electric industry reforms and first-in-the-nation policies for hybrid vehicles, energy efficiency, green buildings, and renewable energy.

Featured Publications
Does a Realistic Model of the Electricity Grid Matter? Estimating the Impacts of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Daniel L. Shawhan, John T. Taber, Di Shi, Ray D. Zimmerman, Jubo Yan, et. al
Resource and Energy Economics | January 2014 | Volume 36, Issue 1 | pp. 191-207
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Retrospective Analysis of US Climate Policy
Thursday, September 19, 2013
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