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Francisco Aguilar
Gilbert F. White Fellow

​Francisco Aguilar is an associate professor of forest resource economics and policy at the University of Missouri. Aguilar’s research addresses questions related to the conservation and sustainable use of forest resources. A large focus of his most recent work revolves around utilization of woody biomass for energy in developed and developing nations. He leads the analysis of wood energy markets for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and Food and Agriculture Organization’s Forest Products Annual Market Review, and has worked with the UNECE, US Foreign Agricultural Service, US Forest Service, and US Forest Products laboratory, among others, on projects dealing with sustainable bioenergy use. Aguilar is the editor and lead author of Wood Energy in Developed Economies: Resource Management, Economics and Policy (Routledge 2014). He is also investigating the effects of public policy programs designed to influence management of privately owned forestlands in Ecuador and the United States. He is an associate editor for forest economics with Forest Science, a former British Council Scholar, and a board member with Envest Microfinance Cooperative.

Featured Publications
Cost-Share Program Participation and Family Forest Owners' Past and Intended Future Management Practices
Nianfu Song, Francisco X. Aguilar, Brett J. Butler
Forest Policy and Economics | Vol. 46 | 39-46
Wood Energy in Developed Economies: Resource Management, Economics and Policy
Francisco Aguilar, ed.
UK: Routledge | 2014
Consumer Purchasing Preferences and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Wood Products Industry: A Conjoint Analysis in the U.S. and China
Zhen Cai, Francisco X. Aguilar
Ecological Economics | November 2013 | Vol. 95 | pp. 118-127
Internal, External and Location Factors Influencing Cofiring of Biomass with Coal in the U.S. Northern Region
Francisco X. Aguilar, Michael E. Goerndt, Nianfu Song, Stephen Shifley
Energy Economics | November 2012 | Vol. 34, No. 2 | pp. 1790-1798
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