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Winston Harrington
Senior Fellow
Winston Harrington's research interests include urban transportation, motor vehicles and air quality, and problems of estimating the costs of environmental policy. He has worked extensively on the economics of enforcing environmental regulations, the health benefits derived from improved air quality, the costs of waterborne disease outbreaks, endangered species policy, federal rulemaking procedures, and the economics of outdoor recreation.  
Featured Publications
Promoting Innovative Climate Adaptation through Federalism
Winston Harrington
Issue Brief 10-17 | August 2010
Reforming Regulatory Impact Analysis
Winston Harrington, Lisa Heinzerling, Richard D. Morgenstern
RFF Report | March 2009
Marginal Social Cost Pricing on a Transportation Network: Comparison of Second-Best Policies
Elena A. Safirova, Sebastien Houde, Winston Harrington
RFF Discussion Paper 07-52 | January 2008
Spatial Development and Energy Consumption
Elena A. Safirova, Sebastien Houde, Winston Harrington
RFF Discussion Paper 07-51 | December 2007
Washington START Transportation Model
Sebastien Houde, Elena A. Safirova, Winston Harrington
RFF Discussion Paper 07-43 | November 2007
Automobile Externalities and Policies
Winston Harrington, Ian Parry, and Margaret Walls
Journal of Economic Literature | 2007 | Vol. XLV | pp. 374-400 | Related Discussion Paper 06-26
Fees in an Imperfect World: An Application to Motor Vehicle Emissions
Amy W. Ando, Winston Harrington, Virginia D. McConnell
RFF Discussion Paper 07-34 | June 2007
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It's Time to Raise the Gas Tax
Monday, May 12, 2014
The Clean Air Act has been cheaper and more effective than industry predicts, again and again
Friday, October 08, 2010
Finding Policies That Work Best to Ease the "Social Cost" of Driving
Tuesday, January 08, 2008
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