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Roger A. Sedjo
Senior Fellow and Director, Forest Economics and Policy Program
Roger Sedjo is a senior fellow and the director of RFF's forest economics and policy program. His research interests include forests and global environmental problems; climate change and biodiversity; public lands issues; long-term sustainability of forests; industrial forestry and demand; timber supply modeling; international forestry; global forest trade; forest biotechnology; and land use change. He has written or edited 14 books related to forestry and natural resources.  
Featured Publications
Forestland Ownership Changes in the United States and Sweden
Lars Lonnsteadt and Roger Sedjo
Forest Policy and Economics | Fall 2011 | September 2011
“Wood as a Major Feedstock for Biofuel Production in the U.S.: Impacts on Forests and International Trade
Roger Sedjo and Brent Sohngen
Journal of Sustainable Forests. | July 2012 | forthcoming
“Biomass Sequestration, Energy and Global Change,”
Roger Sedjo
International Yearbook of Environmental and Resource Economics | H. Folmer and T. Tietenberg, eds. | Edward Elgar | 2010
Making the case for new empirical research in wildfire economics and policy
Carolyn Kousky, Sheila Olmstead, and Roger Sedjo
Dean Lueck and Karen Bradshaw | Washington, DC: Resources for the Future | 2011
Forests in Climate Policy: Technical, Institutional and Economic Issues in Measurement and Monitoring
Molly K. Macauley and Roger A. Sedjo
Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change | Forthcoming
Far-reaching deleterious impacts of regulations on research and environmental studies of recombinant DNA-modified perennial biofuel crops in the USA
Strauss, S.H., D..L. Kershen, J.H. Bouton, T.P. Redick, H. Tan, and R. A. Sedjo.
BioScience | October 2010. | Vol. 60, No. 9. | pp. 729-741.
How do Environmental Regulations Affect Investments in Biofuel and Biofuel R&D: The case of Transgenic Trees
Roger A. Sedjo
AgBioForum. | Fall 2010 | forthcoming
Forests, Biodiversity and Avoided Deforestation in Latin America
Roger A. Sedjo and Juha Siikamaki
Latin American Development Priorities – Costs and Benefit | Edited by Bjorn Lomborg | NY: Cambridge University Press | 2010
“Some Limits of Wood Biomass for Cellulosic Biofuels
Roger A. Sedjo and Brent Sohngen
Milken Institute Review | Fourth Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11, No. 4. | pps. 51-55.
The Implications for the Timber Sector of US Biofuel Mandates
Roger Sedjo
Forest Sector Modeling Conference | College of Forestry, University of Washington, Seattle | University of Washington, Seattle | November 18, 2008
Carbon Credits for Avoided Deforestation
Roger A. Sedjo, Brent Sohngen.
Icfai's Professional Reference Book: Carbon Credits: An Introduction | N.A. | New Delhi: Icfai | 2008
Sedjo's Comments on 'Global Markets and the Health of America’s Forests: A Forest Service Perspective,'
Roger A. Sedjo
Journal of Forestry. | forthcoming
Returning Forest analyzed with the forest identity
Pekka E. Kauppi, Jesse H. Ausubel, Jingyun Fang, Alexander Mather, Roger A. Sedjo, and Paul E. Waggoner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, November 14, . | Fall 2006 | Vol. 103, no.46 | pp.17574-17579
Valuing Biodiversity for Pharmaceutical Research (Reprint)
R. David Simpson, Roger Sedjo and J. Reid
Environmental Economics: Critical Concepts | Charles Mason and Erwin Bulte | UK: Routledge | 2007
Will the Developing Countries be the Early Adopters of Genetically Engineered Forests
Roger A. Sedjo
AgBioForum | Vol. 8, No.4. | pp 1-19.
Valuing Biodiversity for Use in Pharmaceutical Research
R. David Simpson, Roger A. Sedjo and John W. Reid
Journal of Political Economy | Winter 1996 | vol. 104, no. 1 | pp. 163 - 185
Voluntary Eco-Labeling and the Price Premium
Roger A. Sedjo and S.K. Swallow
Land Economics | May 2002 | Vol. 87, No. 2 | pp. 272-284
Accounting for Sequestered Carbon: The Question of Permanence
Gregg Marland, Kristy Fruit, and Roger Sedjo
Environment Science and Policy | 2001 | Vol. 4, No. 6 | pp. 259-268
View All Related Publications
Local Communities, Global Perspectives: The Spatial Scale of Forest Policy Implications
Roger A. Sedjo
Forest Policy: Ready for Renaissance | J.M. Calhoun, ed. | Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press | 1998
Property Rights and the Protection of Plant Genetic Resources
Roger A. Sedjo
Seeds and Sovereignty: The Use and Control of Plant Genetic Resources | J.R. Kloppenburg Jr., ed. | Durham, NC: Duke University Press | 1988 | Chapter 13
The Adequacy of Long-Term Timber Supply: A Worldwide Assessment
Kenneth Lyon and Roger Sedjo
Forest Sector and Trade Models | P. Cardillichio, D. Adams and R. Haynes, eds. | Seattle, WA: College of Forest Resources | 1987
Forest Resources of the World: Forests in Transition
Roger A. Sedjo
The Global Forest Sector: An Analytical Perspective | M. Kallio, D. Dykstra and C. Binkley, eds. | New York, NY: John Wiley and Sons | 1987
Below-Cost Timber Sales: A Summary
Roger A. Sedjo
Below-Cost Timber Sales | D. Le Master, B. Flamm, and J. Hendee, eds. | Washington, D.C.: Wilderness Society | 1987
World Foresight Planning in the Resource Context
Roger A. Sedjo
Foresight Planning: Realities and Resiliency at the Policy Interface | Gerald Stairs, ed. | Durham, NC: Duke University Press | 1986
Forest Plantations in the Southern Hemisphere and Their Implications for Temperate Climate Forests
Roger A. Sedjo
TIMS Studies in Management Science: Systems Analysis in Forestry and Forest Industries | Markku Kallio, Ake Andersson, Risto Seppala and Anne Morgan, eds. | Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Elsevier Science Publishers | 1986
Outlook for the World and United States Timber Supply
Roger A. Sedjo
Assessing Timberland Investment Opportunities | Madison, WI: Forest Products Research Society | 1986
Investments in Forestry: Resources, Land Use and Public Policy
Roger A. Sedjo, ed.
Boulder, CO: Westview Press | 1985
Market and Nonmarket Influences in Urban/Forest Interface Conflicts
Roger A. Sedjo
Land Use and Forest Resources in a Changing Environment: The Urban/Forest Interface | Gordon A. Bradley, ed. | Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press | 1984
History of Sustained Yield Concept and Its Application to Developing Countries
Roger Sedjo and Marion Clawson
History of Sustained-Yield Forestry | Harold Steen, ed. | Durham, NC: Forest History Society | 1984
International Forest Plantations: An Economic Assessment
Roger A. Sedjo
Strategies and Designs for Afforestation | Wageningen, The Netherlands: Pudoc Scientific Publishers | 1984
Evaluation of Investment Priorities
Roger A. Sedjo
New Forests for a Changing World | Bethesda, MD: Society of American Foresters | 1984
The Comparative Economics of Plantation Forestry
Roger A. Sedjo
RFF Press | 1983
Governmental Interventions, Social Needs and the Management of U.S. Forests
Roger A. Sedjo, Editor
Johns Hopkins University Press | 1983
The World Supply of Wood: Economic Supply
Roger A. Sedjo
International Trade in Forest Products | James Bethel, ed. | Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press | 1983
Application of Optimal Control Theory to Estimate Long-Term Supply of Timber
Roger A. Sedjo and Kenneth Lyon
Forest Sector Models | Bicester, U.K.: A.B. Academic Publishers | 1983
Forest Plantations, Production and Trade in the Pacific Basin
Roger A. Sedjo
Renewable Resources in the Pacific | H.E. English and Anthony Scott, eds. | Ottawa, Canada: International Development Research Centre | 1982
Forest Policy
Roger A. Sedjo and Marion Clawson
The Management of Renewable Resources in Developing Countries | Charles Howe, ed. | Boulder, CO; San Francisco, CA; and Oxford, U.K.: Westview Press | 1982
Global Forests: Issues for Six Billion People
Jan Laarman and Roger Sedjo
New York, NY: McGraw-Hill | 1991
Postwar Trends in U.S. Forest Products Trade
Roger A. Sedjo
RFF Press | 1981
Issues U.S. International Forest Products Trade
Roger A. Sedjo
RFF Press | 1981
Exotic Plantations and Their Implications for U.S. Forest Products Trade
Roger A. Sedjo
Issues in U.S. International Forest Products Trade | Roger A. Sedjo, ed. | RFF Press | 1981
Efficiency and Distributional Consequences of a Log Export Prohibition: Some Policy Implications
Roger A. Sedjo with A. Clark Wiseman
Issues in U.S. International Forest Products Trade | Roger A. Sedjo, ed. | RFF Press | 1981
U.S. Comparative Advantage in Timber Growing
Roger A. Sedjo
Timber Demand: The Future is Now | Madison, WI: Forest Products Research Society | 1980
U.S. Dependence on Canadian Resources
Roger A. Sedjo
U.S. Dependency on Canadian Natural Resources | Frank Convery and Boyd Strain, eds. | Durham, NC: Duke University Press | 1979
Policy Alternatives for Nonindustrial Private Forests
Roger A. Sedjo and David M. Ostermeier
Bethesda, MD: Society of American Foresters | 1978
Combining Regression Analysis and Input-Output in Korea's Third Five-Year Sectoral Model
Roger A. Sedjo
Basic Documents and Selected Papers of Korea's Third Five-Year Plan | S. H. Jo and W. Y. Park, eds. | Seoul, Korea: Sogang University Press | 1972
The Turning Point for the Korean Economy
Roger A. Sedjo
Basic Documents and Selected Papers of Korea's Third Five-Year Plan | S. H. Jo and W. Y. Park, eds. | Seoul, Korea: Sogang University Press | 1972
The Big Coffee Table Book of Doom!
Friday, April 17, 2015
Seminar addresses carbon accounting and forest management
Thursday, January 30, 2014
Biomass Magazine
Biofuels and Climate Change: Pulpwood to the Rescue?
Monday, November 18, 2013
The Huffington Post
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