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Roger A. Sedjo
Senior Fellow and Director, Forest Economics and Policy Program
Roger Sedjo is a senior fellow and the director of RFF's forest economics and policy program. His research interests include forests and global environmental problems; climate change and biodiversity; public lands issues; long-term sustainability of forests; industrial forestry and demand; timber supply modeling; international forestry; global forest trade; forest biotechnology; and land use change. He has written or edited 14 books related to forestry and natural resources.  
Featured Publications
Forestland Ownership Changes in the United States and Sweden
Lars Lonnsteadt and Roger Sedjo
Forest Policy and Economics | Fall 2011 | September 2011
“Wood as a Major Feedstock for Biofuel Production in the U.S.: Impacts on Forests and International Trade
Roger Sedjo and Brent Sohngen
Journal of Sustainable Forests. | July 2012 | forthcoming
“Biomass Sequestration, Energy and Global Change,”
Roger Sedjo
International Yearbook of Environmental and Resource Economics | H. Folmer and T. Tietenberg, eds. | Edward Elgar | 2010
Making the case for new empirical research in wildfire economics and policy
Carolyn Kousky, Sheila Olmstead, and Roger Sedjo
Dean Lueck and Karen Bradshaw | Washington, DC: Resources for the Future | 2011
Forests in Climate Policy: Technical, Institutional and Economic Issues in Measurement and Monitoring
Molly K. Macauley and Roger A. Sedjo
Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change | Forthcoming
Far-reaching deleterious impacts of regulations on research and environmental studies of recombinant DNA-modified perennial biofuel crops in the USA
Strauss, S.H., D..L. Kershen, J.H. Bouton, T.P. Redick, H. Tan, and R. A. Sedjo.
BioScience | October 2010. | Vol. 60, No. 9. | pp. 729-741.
How do Environmental Regulations Affect Investments in Biofuel and Biofuel R&D: The case of Transgenic Trees
Roger A. Sedjo
AgBioForum. | Fall 2010 | forthcoming
Forests, Biodiversity and Avoided Deforestation in Latin America
Roger A. Sedjo and Juha Siikamaki
Latin American Development Priorities – Costs and Benefit | Edited by Bjorn Lomborg | NY: Cambridge University Press | 2010
“Some Limits of Wood Biomass for Cellulosic Biofuels
Roger A. Sedjo and Brent Sohngen
Milken Institute Review | Fourth Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11, No. 4. | pps. 51-55.
The Implications for the Timber Sector of US Biofuel Mandates
Roger Sedjo
Forest Sector Modeling Conference | College of Forestry, University of Washington, Seattle | University of Washington, Seattle | November 18, 2008
Carbon Credits for Avoided Deforestation
Roger A. Sedjo, Brent Sohngen.
Icfai's Professional Reference Book: Carbon Credits: An Introduction | N.A. | New Delhi: Icfai | 2008
Sedjo's Comments on 'Global Markets and the Health of America’s Forests: A Forest Service Perspective,'
Roger A. Sedjo
Journal of Forestry. | forthcoming
Returning Forest analyzed with the forest identity
Pekka E. Kauppi, Jesse H. Ausubel, Jingyun Fang, Alexander Mather, Roger A. Sedjo, and Paul E. Waggoner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, November 14, . | Fall 2006 | Vol. 103, no.46 | pp.17574-17579
Valuing Biodiversity for Pharmaceutical Research (Reprint)
R. David Simpson, Roger Sedjo and J. Reid
Environmental Economics: Critical Concepts | Charles Mason and Erwin Bulte | UK: Routledge | 2007
Will the Developing Countries be the Early Adopters of Genetically Engineered Forests
Roger A. Sedjo
AgBioForum | Vol. 8, No.4. | pp 1-19.
Valuing Biodiversity for Use in Pharmaceutical Research
R. David Simpson, Roger A. Sedjo and John W. Reid
Journal of Political Economy | Winter 1996 | vol. 104, no. 1 | pp. 163 - 185
Voluntary Eco-Labeling and the Price Premium
Roger A. Sedjo and S.K. Swallow
Land Economics | May 2002 | Vol. 87, No. 2 | pp. 272-284
Accounting for Sequestered Carbon: The Question of Permanence
Gregg Marland, Kristy Fruit, and Roger Sedjo
Environment Science and Policy | 2001 | Vol. 4, No. 6 | pp. 259-268
View All Related Publications
Goings On: Highlights of RFF's Recent Contributions to Shaping Environmental Policy
Richard D. Morgenstern, Leonard A. Shabman, Yusuke Kuwayama , Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | 2014 (185)
Regulating Emissions from Bioenergy: What Life-Cycle Assessments Tell Us
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | 2013 (184)
Resources Magazine: 184
Phil Sharp, Dallas Burtraw, Rebecca Epanchin-Niell, Carolyn Kousky, Joshua Linn, Daniel F. Morris, P. Lynn Scarlett, Roger A. Sedjo, Margaret A. Walls
Resources | 2013 (184)
Energy Independence—What Then?
Joel Darmstadter, Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | 2013 (Digital Issue)
Resources Magazine: Digital Issue
Alan J. Krupnick, Juha V. Siikamäki, Margaret A. Walls, Anne Riddle, Joel Darmstadter, Roger A. Sedjo, Phil Sharp
Resources | 2013 (Digital Issue)
Resources Magazine: 181
Phil Sharp, Blair Beasley, Dallas Burtraw, Joel Darmstadter, Kristin Hayes, Alan J. Krupnick, Karen L. Palmer, Anthony Paul, Roger A. Sedjo, James Smith, Matthew Woerman
Resources | 2012 (181)
The Carbon Footprint of Wood for Bioenergy
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | 2012 (181)
Inside RFF
Hilary Sigman, Molly K. Macauley, Roger A. Sedjo, Paul R. Portney, Nigel Purvis, Abigail Jones, Leonard A. Shabman, Roger M. Cooke, Althea Davies, Maureen L. Cropper
Resources | Summer 2011 (178)
Why We Need Accurate Maps of the World’s Forests
Daniel F. Morris, Molly K. Macauley, Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Winter 2010 (174)
The Future of Trees: Climate Change and the Timber Industry
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Winter 2010 (174)
Why We Need Accurate Maps of the World’s Forests
Daniel Morris, Molly Macauley, and Roger Sedjo
Resources 174 | 174 | winter
Green Power? The Limits of Cellulosic Biofuel
Green Power? The Limits of Cellulosic Biofuel
Energy Daily | July 24, 2009
The Implications of Increased Use of Wood for Biofuel Production
Roger A. Sedjo, Brent L. Sohngen
Issue Brief 09-04 | June 2009
From Oilfields to Energy Farms
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Summer 2007 (166)
Are Forests Making a Comeback? New Findings Suggest Optimism on Global Outlook
Roger A. Sedjo, Pekka E. Kauppi, Jesse H. Ausubel
Resources | Winter 2007 (164)
Comparative views of different stumpage pricing systems: Canada and the U.S.
Roger A. Sedjo
U.S. – Canada Forest Products Trade: A Bilateral Technical Symposium, Research Report, | Fall 2006 | September. Special Report 125 | pp. 233-241
The Role of Forest Sinks in a Post-Kyoto World
Roger A. Sedjo, Masahiro Amano
Resources | Summer 2006 (162)
Book Review of: Genetic and Production Innovations in Field Crop Technology: New Development in Theory and Practice, Manjit S. Kang, editor, Food Products Press (2005).
Roger A. Sedjo
Quarterly Review of Biology | Forthcoming
Book review of Economics of Forestry and Rural Development by William F. Hyde and Gregory S. Amacher
Roger A. Sedjo
American Journal of Agricultural Economics | Forthcoming
Book review of Forests to Fight Poverty: Creating National Strategies, Ralph Schmidt, Joyce K. Berry, and John C. Gordon, eds.
Roger A. Sedjo
Environment | Forthcoming
Regulation and International Trade: Issues for Transgenic Trees
Roger A. Sedjo
New Century, New Trees: Biotechnology as a Tool for Forestry in North America
Transgenic Trees and Trade: Problems on the Horizon?
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Fall 2004 (155)
Book review of Taxpayer Losses and Missed Opportunities: How Tongass Rainforest Logging Costs Taxpayers Millions researched and written by the Southeast Alaska Conservation Coincil
Roger A. Sedjo
book review | May 2004
Review of Draft Economic Analysis of Critical Habitat Designation for hte Mexican Spotted Owl
Roger Sedjo
review | February 21, 2004
Review on Methodological Approach memo dated December 8, 2004
Roger A. Sedjo
review | February 1, 2004
Forest Sustainability Issues and Certification Activities since UNCED
Roger A. Sedjo
Issue Brief 02-20 | August 2002
Biotechnology in Forestry: Benefits and Costs
Roger A. Sedjo
BINAS News, UNIDO | March 2002
The Ethics of Wood Consumption
Roger A. Sedjo
Society of American Foresters (SAF) Annual Meeting | Society of American Foresters (SAF) | Proceedings: Society of American Foresters 2001 National Convention | Bethesda, MD: Society of American Foresters | 2002 | pp. 242-246
Choice of Wood Poles Can Reduce Greenhouse Gases
Roger A. Sedjo
Technical Bulletin of the American Pole Association | December 2001
Biotechnology in Forestry: Considering the Costs and Benefits
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Fall 2001 (145)
Book review of Plundered Promise by Richard W. Behan
Roger A. Sedjo
Journal of Forestry | Vol. 99, No. 6 | September 2001 | p. 40
The National Forest System: For Whom and For What?
Roger A. Sedjo
PERC Policy Series | August 2001 | Issue PS-23
The Operationalization of the Kyoto Protocol with a Focus on Sinks: A Perspective for Japan: Second Year
Roger A. Sedjo
Report to Association of International Research Initiatives for Environmental Studies (AIRIES) | July 20, 2001
The Impact of Biotechnology on Planted Industrial Forests: Biotechnology's Application to a Unique Crop
Roger A. Sedjo
5th International Conference, Biotechnology, Science and Modern Agriculture: A New Industry at the Dawn of the Century | International Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology Research (ICABR)
Forest Sinks as a Tool for Climate-Change Policymaking
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Spring 2001 (143)
Fires in the Federal Forests
Roger A. Sedjo
RFF Opinions and Editorials | October 2000
Logging Bans Just Send Our Environmental Woes Elsewhere
Roger A. Sedjo
Bozeman Daily Chronicle | August 9, 2000
The Social and Economic Impacts of Plantation Forests
Roger A. Sedjo
XXI International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) World Congress | IUFRO | Forests and Society: The Role of Research, Sub-Plenary Sessions, Vol. I | 2000
World Forests as a Key Factor in Global Warming
Roger A. Sedjo
International Symposium on Global Environmental Issues and Forests | Ehime University | Proceeding of an International Symposium on Global Environmental Issues and Forests | 1999
Maintaining Integrity — Managing the Forest for Competing Values
Roger A. Sedjo
Sustainable Forest Management Network | Sustaining Boreal Forests: Proceedings | 1999
Book review of Perspectives on Biodiversity: Valuing Its Role in an Ever-changing World
Roger A. Sedjo
Journal of Forestry | Vol. 98, No. 2 | 1999 | p. 45
Harvesting the Benefits of Carbon Sinks
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Fall 1998 (133)
Carbon Sinks in the Post-Kyoto World
Roger A. Sedjo, Brent L. Sohngen, Pamela Jagger
RFF Climate Issue Brief #12 | October 1998
Privatization, Trade Liberalization and Romanian Forest
Roger A. Sedjo
Report to Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID) and Centre for Environmentally Sustainable Economic Development (CESED) | May 1998
Impacts of Climate Change on Forests
Roger A. Sedjo, Brent L. Sohngen
RFF Climate Issue Brief #9 | April 1998
Book review of Reframing Deforestation: Global Analysis and Local Realities: Studies in West Africa by James Fairhead and Melissa Leach
Roger A. Sedjo
The Journal of Environmental Education | 1998
Commentary on Forests and Climate Change - Ecological and Economic Challenges, by P. Kauppi and B. Solberg
Roger A. Sedjo
World Forests, Society and Environment, Vol. I | 1998
Forests: Supply and Demand
Roger A. Sedjo
Society of American Foresters (SAF) Annual Convention | Society of American Foresters (SAF) | Proceedings | Bethesda, MD: SAF | 1998
Economic Interactions at Local/Regional/National/International Scales
Roger A. Sedjo, Dale Toweill, and John Wagner
Ecosystem Management Workshop
What Drives Productivity Growth in Natural Resource Industries?
Douglas R. Bohi, Joel Darmstadter, Roger A. Sedjo, John E. Tilton, Hans H. Landsberg, Ian W.H. Parry
Resources | Spring 1996 (123)
Book review of The Economics of Tropical Timber Trade by E.B. Barbier, J.C. Burgess, J. Bishop and B. Aylward
Roger A. Sedjo
Forest Science | Vol. 42, No. 2 | 1996
Environmental Impacts of Forest Protection: Some Complications
Roger A. Sedjo
European Forest Institute (EFI) | Forests industries Towards the Third Millennium - Economic and Environmental Challenges, EFI Proceedings No. 11 | 1996 | pp. 47-56
Ecosystem Management: An Uncharted Path for Public Forests
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Fall 1995 (121)
Toward an Operational Definition of Ecosystem Management
Roger A. Sedjo
Analysis Workshop III | USDA Forest Service | Analysis in Support of Ecosystem Management | 1995 | pp. 209-220
The Global Environmental Effects of Local Logging Cutbacks
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Fall 1994 (117)
Forest to Capture Carbon: Tradeable Permit Schemes
Roger Sedjo
Tsukuba Workshop in Policy Instruments | Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) | Climate Change: Policy Instruments and Their Implications | IPCC | March 1994
Will Timber Prices Rise, Fall, or Stay the Same?
Roger A. Sedjo
University of Georgia, School of Forest Resources | Assessing Timberland Investment Opportunities: Prospects for the 90's and Beyond | Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press | 1993
Economics, Ecology, and Sustainability
Michael A. Toman, author; Dennis Le Master and Roger Sedjo, eds.
American Forests | 1993
Natural Resource Pricing and Taxes in Estonia
Roger A. Sedjo
Report to Government of Estonia, Ministry of Environment | 1993
Book review of Free Enterprise Environmentalism by Terry L. Anderson and Donald R. Leal
Roger A. Sedjo
Regulation | Winter 1992
Contracts for Transferring Rights to Indigenous Genetic Resources
Roger A. Sedjo, R. David Simpson
Resources | Fall 1992 (109)
A Global Forestry Initiative
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Fall 1992 (109)
External Consequences of Domestic Environmental Policies
Roger A. Sedjo
Project 88 - Round II, Workshop for Congressional Staff | Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Center for Science and International Affairs, Environment and Natural Resources Program | Harnessing Market Forces For a Diversified Forest Economy | 1992
Forestry in North America: Opportunities and Challenges in View of a North American Free Trade Agreement
Roger A. Sedjo
Conference on The Forest Sector under a Free Trade Agreement | World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) | Proceedings | Washington, D.C.: WWF | 1992
Recent Experience with Nonindustrial Private Forests
Roger A. Sedjo
National Convention of the Society of American Foresters (SAF) | Society of American Foresters (SAF) | Proceedings | Bethesda, MD: SAF | 1992
Preserving Biodiversity as a Resource
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Winter 1992 (106)
Elements in a Strategy for Sustainable Forest Management in Indonesia
Roger A. Sedjo
Report to U.S. Agency for International Development - Jakarta (AID) | November 16, 1990
Comments on The Potential for Integrated Resource Management with Intensive or Extensive Forest Management: Reconciling Vision with Reality
Roger A. Sedjo
The Forestry Chronicle | Vol. 66, No. 5 | October 1990 | pp. 461-462
Book review of The Hour of the Fox by Anderson and Huber
Roger A. Sedjo
Economic Development and Cultural Change | October 1990
Book review of The Forest for the Trees? by R. Repetto
Roger A. Sedjo
Economic Development and Cultural Change | October 1990
The Role of Forests in the Global Carbon Cycle
Roger A. Sedjo
Society of American Foresters (SAF) National Convention | SAF | Proceedings | Bethesda, MD: SAF | 1990
The Changing Structure of the International Trading System: Some Implications for U.S. Forest Products Trade
Roger A. Sedjo and Clark Wiseman
XIX International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) World Congress | IUFRO | Proceeding XIX | 1990 | Division 4, pp. 440-444
Climate Change and Forests Warming in the Midwest Region
Roger A. Sedjo and Michael Bowes
Global Change: Economic Issues in Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources | Economic Research Service | Proceedings | 1990
Property Rights for Plants
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Fall 1989 (97)
Climate and Forests
Roger A. Sedjo
Science | Vol. 12 | (letter) | May 1989 | p. 631
Managing Genetic Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa: Policy and Institutional Options
Roger A. Sedjo
Report to U.S. Agency for International Development - Africa Bureau (AID) | February 1989
The Global Environment and Forests
Roger A. Sedjo
79th Annual Western Forestry Conference | Proceedings | 1989
Book review of World Deforestation in the Twentieth Century, John F. Richards and Richard P. Tucker, eds.
Roger A. Sedjo
Contemporary Sociology | October 1988
Book review of Reforesting the Earth by Sandra Postel and Lori Heise
Roger A. Sedjo
Journal of Forestry | October 1988 | pp. 46-47
International Forest Products Trade: Present and Future
Roger A. Sedjo
The Forest Industries: New Horizons | New Zealand Ministry of Forestry | The Forest Industries: New Horizons: Seminar | 1988 | pp. 17-23
The Global Carbon Cycle
Roger A. Sedjo
Science | (letter) | September 30, 1988 | pp. 1737-1738
Foreword to Forestry Sector Intervention: The Impact of Public Regulation on Social Welfare by Roy G. Boyd and William F. Hyde
Roger A. Sedjo
Fall 1988
The Economics of Natural and Plantation Forests in Indonesia
Roger A. Sedjo
Report to FAO Project INS/83/019, Assistance to Forest Sector Development Planning | January 1988
Private Investment in Forest Plantations: A Global Perspective with Emphasis on the Tropics
Roger A. Sedjo
Seminar on the Future Role of Forest Plantations in the National Economy and Incentives Required to Encourage Investments in Forest Plantation Development | Sabah-World Bank Forestry Technical Assistance Project, in collaboration with Tropenbos | Proceedings | 1987
Pollution Related Forest Decline in the U.S. and Possible Implications for Future Harvests
Roger A. Sedjo
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) Workshop | IIASA | Forest Decline and Reproduction: Regional and Global Consequences | Laxenburg, Austria: IIASA | September 1987 | WP-87-75, pp. 523-530
Deforestation and Deteriorating Environmental Quality in Asia
Roger A. Sedjo
Asian Development Bank Regional Workshop | Asian Development Bank
Outlook for the South's Wood Fiber in the Global Timber Market
Roger A. Sedjo
Southeastern Forest Landowner Seminar | University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service | Papers from the Southeastern Forest Landowner Seminar | GA: University of Georgia Press | 1987
Book review of Capitalist Industrialization in Korea by Clive Hamilton
Roger A. Sedjo
Journal of Developing Areas | November 1986
Long Term Timber Supply: Demand Side Considerations
Roger A. Sedjo and Kenneth Lyon
XVIII International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) World Congress | International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) | Proceedings of the XVIII IUFRO World Congress | 1986
Commercial Forests, Environmental Values and Alternative Land Uses: Conflicts and Complementarities
Roger A. Sedjo
International House of Japan | Effective Use of Forest Resources to Preserve the Environment, Proceedings | 1986 | pp. 88-91
Third World Debts Create U.S. Trade Deficit
Roger A. Sedjo
Wall Street Journal | (op-ed.) | March 19, 1985
Selling Timber at a Loss
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Winter 1985 ()
Book review of Forestlands: Public and Private, R.T. Deacon and M.B. Johnson, eds.
Roger A. Sedjo
Journal of Forestry | September 1984
Long-Term Timber Supply: An Application of Discrete Time Optimal Control
Roger A. Sedjo and Kenneth Lyon
International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) Conference | International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) | Proceedings | 1984
Book review of Sustained Yield, Dennis C. LeMaster, David M. Baumgartner and David Adams, eds.
Roger A. Sedjo
Journal of Forestry | July 1983
How Serious is Tropical Deforestation?
Roger A. Sedjo
Newsday | (op-ed) | May 1983
The World's Forests
Roger A. Sedjo, Marion Clawson
Resources | Fall 1982 (71)
Housing-Recession, Regional Impact, Potential Recovery
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Summer 1982 (70)
Book review of Tropical Forests: Utilization and Conservation, Francois Mergen, ed.
Roger A. Sedjo
Forest Products Journal | April 1982
Intensive Forest Management Options in the Pacific Northwest Compared with Opportunities in Other Regions
Roger A. Sedjo
The 32nd H. R. MacMillan Invited Lecture to the Faculty of Forestry | (University of British Columbia monograph series) | March l982
The Big Coffee Table Book of Doom!
Friday, April 17, 2015
Seminar addresses carbon accounting and forest management
Thursday, January 30, 2014
Biomass Magazine
Biofuels and Climate Change: Pulpwood to the Rescue?
Monday, November 18, 2013
The Huffington Post
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