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Administration's Regulatory Impact on Gas and Oil Rules

Nov 6, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC—A team of researchers from Resources for the Future (RFF) today posted the work from a significant project that focuses on the costs and benefits of repealing and modifying regulations on gas and oil activities in the wake of executive orders by the Trump administration that were signed early in his tenure. The executive orders call for changes from the traditional application and use of cost-benefit analysis by government officials who assess regulations. The researchers examined six Obama-era rules in the oil and gas sector which were singled out by industry for government review and the administration's stated goal of increasing oil and gas production, in part through reducing federal regulatory burdens. 

The researchers are RFF Senior Fellow Alan J. Krupnick, Visiting Fellow Arthur Fraas, and Research Assistants Justine Huetteman and Isabel Echarte. Their report is: The Economics of Regulatory Repeal and Six Case Studies.
The rules targeted by President Trump’s orders and selected by RFF for analysis are:

Read the full paper: The Economics of Regulatory Repeal and Six Case Studies.
Also available: Catalogue of Oil and Gas Regulations and Non-Regulatory Issues

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