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Clean Power Plan Comments: Some Changes Needed

Feb 2, 2016

Resources for the Future (RFF) Senior Fellow Dallas Burtraw is out today with a new blog post, EPA’s Clean Power Plan Model Trading Rule Can Achieve the Goal, But Not Without Changes. In it, he discusses comments submitted to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on January 21 by individual researchers at RFF about elements of the Clean Power Plan.

RFF neither lobbies nor takes positions on specific regulatory proposals, although individual researchers are encouraged to express their unique opinions—which may differ from those of other RFF experts, officers, and directors.

January 21 was the deadline for comments to EPA on two proposed elements of the Clean Power Plan: 1) the proposed federal implementation plan, which would be put into effect in any state that does not submit a state implementation plan; and 2) the model trading rules, designed to facilitate emissions trading among states and utilities.

RFF researchers provided 10 recommendations that are salient to the discussions around the mass-based approach to these two issues. Of these, six pertain to the initial distribution of emissions allowances in a cap-and-trade program. In addition to Dr. Burtraw, other commenters were RFF Senior Fellows Joshua Linn and Karen L. Palmer, Center Fellow Anthony Paul, and Research Assistants Kristen McCormack and Hang Yin.

Read all of Dallas Burtraw’s blog post: EPA’s Clean Power Plan Model Trading Rule Can Achieve the Goal, But Not Without Changes.

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