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Krupnick Named President-Elect of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Jan 9, 2012

WASHINGTON—Alan Krupnick, RFF Senior Fellow and Director of RFF’s Center for Energy Economics and Policy, was elected President of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE). The announcement was made at the AERE Luncheon and Business Meeting at the January 2012 Allied Social Science Associations (ASSA) meeting in Chicago.

“I was delighted at the selection of Alan Krupnick as the next AERE president. He is an outstanding environmental economist with strong leadership skills and a deep commitment to the profession. There is no question that the future of the association is in great hands,” said current AERE President Cathy Kling.
The president of AERE is responsible for the overall welfare of the association, working with the Board of Directors, and providing leadership at AERE meetings. Krupnick will serve a one-year term as president-elect in 2012 and a two-year term as president from 2013 through 2014, then a final year as past-president in 2015.

“I am honored and humbled to be elected President of this wonderful organization, which I have always treasured for its collegiality, intellectual and monetary support for environmental economics, and its intelligent and dynamic membership,” Krupnick said. “I hope to carry on the tradition of excellence that my predecessors have brought to this office.”

Two RFF Fellows will also serve in leadership roles in the organization. Juha Siikamäki will continue as Treasurer, and Sheila Olmstead will participate this year as a new member of the Board of Directors. RFF’s Marilyn Voigt will also continue as the Executive Director of AERE.

AERE is the international professional association for economists working on the environment and natural resources. It was founded in 1979 as a means for exchanging ideas, stimulating research, and promoting graduate training in environmental and resource economics. AERE currently has over 900 members from 34 nations, coming from academic institutions, the public sector, and private industries.

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