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Resources for the Future Begins Weekly Podcast Series

Dec 4, 2018
WASHINGTON, DC—Resources for the Future (RFF) today posted its first podcast in a new series called Resources Radio. The podcast series plans to post new episodes every Tuesday.

In today’s episode, RFF Senior Research Associate Daniel Raimi interviews new RFF Fellow and forest expert Matthew Wibbenmeyer on the topic of wildfires.

Dr. Wibbenmeyer explains why forest-management improvements—like those recommended by President Trump—are merely a part of the tools needed to reduce wildfire. Dr. Wibbenmeyer also notes that among the causes of today’s fires, climate change has become a significant contributor.

Today’s podcast, and future episodes, can be found on the RFF websiteSoundCloud, and will be available on other platforms in the coming weeks.  

Below are quotes taken from the podcast interview that you might find pertinent:

  • “Over the past 30-40 years...the number of large wildfires has increased by about 500 percent.”—Wibbenmeyer (~3:30)
  • “The fatalities caused by the Camp Fire…are dramatically outside the margins.”—Wibbenmeyer (~3:55)
  • “So, of the three main contributing factors we talked about—forest management, climate change, and human development—climate change is the largest contributing factor.”—Raimi  (~16:42)

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