RFF's Center for Energy and Climate Economics

RFF’s Center for Energy and Climate Economics (CECE) designs efficient and effective policy options for sustainably developing energy resources and addressing global climate change. Within CECE, RFF experts conduct rigorous economic research and policy analysis on today’s most pressing issues, helping leaders around the world make better decisions that balance the need for economic growth and environmental stewardship.

CECE’s research portfolio includes a range of domestic and international energy and climate issues, such as the future of the US electric power sector, climate change adaptation and mitigation policies, international trade and competitiveness, energy issues in China, and options for international climate policy structures.


Alan J. Krupnick, RFF Senior Fellow

Raymond J. Kopp, RFF Senior Fellow

Kristin Hayes
Associate Director

Strategic Initiatives

CECE’s strategic initiatives offer opportunities to enrich RFF’s research, collaboration, and outreach on important topics.

Previous Projects and Initiatives


RFF would like to acknowledge the following supporters for their contributions to RFF’s energy and climate research in 2015: