RFF's Center for the Management of Ecological Wealth

RFF’s Center for the Management of Ecological Wealth (CMEW) helps public, private, and nonprofit leaders and decisionmakers develop innovative and cost-effective environmental management solutions that account for the benefits of natural systems. CMEW experts foster coordinated economic, ecological, and policy analysis to identify and help resource managers design innovative conservation policies, use natural systems to benefit businesses and communities, and improve on-the-ground natural resource management.

CMEW’s research portfolio covers a variety of issues related to the benefits and economic values of ecological goods, services, and systems, such as:


James W. Boyd , RFF Senior Fellow

What is ecological wealth?

The goods and services provided by nature shape our world—forests store carbon, reduce runoff, and clean the air; rivers and streams provide water for drinking, industry, and irrigation; and wetlands and estuaries catch and purify stormwater and serve as buffers against storms and floods. Yet these contributions are often ignored when weighing costs and benefits, planning for the future, and making investment decisions. Watch the video.

Strategic Initiatives

CMEW’s strategic initiatives offer opportunities to enrich RFF’s research, collaboration, and outreach on important topics.


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