RFF COP 16 Resource Library

Apr 1, 2004

Resources for the Future COP-16 Resource Library

Resources for the Future has compiled this library of research and commentary to lend context to 2010's international climate change negotiations. For up-to-the minute commentary on the topics below—and many others in RFF's research portfolio—be sure to check out RFF's climate policy blog, Weathervane.

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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Explore RFF's full collection of research on
energy efficiency here and renewable energy here.

Selected Publications

Combining Policies for Renewable Energy: Is the Whole Less than the Sum of Its Parts?
Carolyn Fischer, Louis Preonas

Modeling Policies to Promote Renewable and Low-Carbon Sources of Electricity
Karen L. Palmer, Richard Sweeney, Maura Allaire
Energy-Efficiency Program Evaluations: Opportunities for Learning and Inputs to Incentive Mechanisms
Noah Kaufman, Karen L. Palmer

Are Energy Efficiency Standards Justified?
Ian W.H. Parry, David Evans, Wallace E. Oates

International Negotiations, Trade and Financing
Explore more of RFF's international climate change research here.

Selected Publications

China and Climate Change: A Strategy for U.S. Engagement
Joshua W. Busby

Carbon Policies, Competitiveness, and Emissions Leakage: An International Perspective
Carolyn Fischer, Eric Moore, Richard D. Morgenstern, Toshi Arimura

The Global Effects of Subglobal Climate Policies
Cristoph Bohringer, Carolyn Fischer, Knut Einar Rosendahl

Paying for Mitigation: A Multiple Country Study
Fredrik Carlsson, Mitesh Kataria, Alan J. Krupnick, Elina Lampi, Åsa Lofgren, Ping Qin, Susie Chung, Thomas Sterner

The Shape of International Agreements: Political Economy Analysis of the Copenhagen Accord
Raymond J. Kopp

Greenhouse Gas Regulation in the United States
Explore more from RFF about climate policy in the United States here.

Selected Publications

International Greenhouse Gas Offsets Under the Clean Air Act
Nathan Richardson

Greenhouse Gas Regulation under the Clean Air Act: Structure, Effects, and Implications of a Knowable Pathway
Nathan Richardson, Arthur G. Fraas, Dallas Burtraw

Banking on Allowances:The EPA’s Mixed Record in Managing Emissions-Market Transitions
Arthur G. Fraas, Nathan Richardson

The Treatment of Uncertainty in EPA’s Analysis of Air Pollution Rules
Arthur G. Fraas

What Are the Costs of Meeting Distributional Objectives in Designing Domestic Climate Policy?
Ian W.H. Parry, Roberton C. Williams III

Forests and REDD
Check out RFF's full collection of forestry and deforestation research and explore the economic possibilities of REDD and reforestation activities with the Forest Carbon Index.

Selected Publications

Resources 174: Forests and Climate Change

Forest Measurement and Monitoring: Technical Capacity and “How Good Is Good Enough?”
Molly K. Macauley, Daniel F. Morris, Roger A. Sedjo, Kate Farley, Brent L. Sohngen

Adaptation of Forests to Climate Change: Some Estimates
Roger A. Sedjo

Assessing Investment in Future Landsat Instruments: The Example of Forest Carbon Offsets
Molly K. Macauley, Jhih-Shyang Shih