Ecosystem Services and Government Accountability

Jun 1, 2005

Ecosystem Services and Government Accountability: The Need for a New Way of Judging Nature's Value

In the Summer 2005 issue of Resources, James W. Boyd and H. Spencer Banzhaf discuss "ecosystem services," the newest environmental buzzword.

Below are a variety of links for those who would like to learn more about this topic and related issues.

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Selected RFF Works on Ecosystem Services and Valuation of Environmental Benefits

Link to Resources Article
What's Nature Worth? Using Indicators to Open the Black Box of Ecological Valuation
James Boyd
Summer 2004

Link to Discussion Paper
Measuring Ecosystem Service Benefits: The Use of Landscape Analysis to Evaluate Environmental Trades and Compensation
James Boyd and Lisa Wainger
Discussion Paper 02-63
April 2003 | Abstract

Link to Resources Article
Cost-Effective Conservation: A Review of What Works to Preserve Biodiversity
Paul Ferraro and R. David Simpson
Resources Spring 2001

Link to RFF Report
Valuation of Natural
Resource Improvements
in the Adirondacks

An RFF Report
September 2004

Link to RFF Book Page
Determining the Economic Value of Water: Concepts and Methods
Robert A. Young
RFF Press 2005

Link to Discussion Paper
A Note on the Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Production
R. David Simpson
Discussion Paper 01-16

For more information about RFF's work in this area, see Research Topics Valuation, Biodiversity and Conservation, and Cost-Benefit Analysis.