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Issues of the Day: 100 Commentaries on Climate, Energy, the Environment, Transportation, and Public Health Policy

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Issues of the Day: 100 Commentaries on Climate, Energy, the Environment, Transportation, and Public Health Policy

Issues of the Day

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Resources for the Future announces the publication of a collection of thought-provoking and insightful contributions from leading scholars and practitioners in key climate, environmental, and energy fields.

Issues of the Day: 100 Commentaries on Climate, Energy, the Environment, Transportation, and Public Health Policy, edited by Ian W.H. Parry and Felicia Day, provides an easy way for students, academics, journalists, policymakers, and the public to learn about the state of a diverse range of policy issues in a succint, non-technical format. The essays are written by world-renowned scholars, including Wallace E. Oates, Jeffrey Frankel, Kenneth Small, Maureen Cropper, Kevin Murphy, Robert T. Deacon, among many others.

The series disseminates the findings of rigorous research on the costs, benefits, and appropriate reform of a wide range of public policies. Among topics covered are air pollution, hazardous waste, voluntary environmental programs, domestic and global climate policy design, fishery management, water quality, endangered species, forest fires, oil security, solar power, road and airport congestion, fuel taxes and fuel economy standards, alternative fuel vehicles, health and longevity, smoking, malaria, tuberculosis, and developing country issues.


Here is an easy way to quickly develop an informed perspective on today’s most pressing concerns . Exceptional in its breadth, accessibility, and expertise, Issues of the Day is a valuable supplement for undergraduate- and graduate-level course reading and a reference guide for stakeholders in business, legislators, and other professionals.

This book is available as a free download on this page and the printed paperback version can be purchased on the Earthscan website.

Praise for Issues of the Day

"What a great idea! Get 100 individuals, or teams, to produce brief, 2-page analyses of urgent policy issues--a non-technical encyclopedia of current issues in climate, energy, ecology, and related topics. My suggestion: read one each day, and think about it all day. In a hundred days, you'll be hugely enriched. Only RFF could do this."
- Thomas C. Schelling, University of Maryland, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics

"This unique book offers an impressive set of brief, understandable, and authoritative analyses of 100 issues in the important policy areas on which recent RFF research has focused. It belongs on the bookshelf of everyone who has ever encountered an unfamiliar issue in this broad domain and wondered, 'What is the best thinking on this?' It is a terrific source of readings for courses dealing with public policy."
- Richard Schmalensee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The short essays in this volume provide a treasure trove of interesting analyses of a variety of important economic policy issues. Instructors in economics and public policy courses will particularly value the clear, sensible, and student-friendly fashion in which microeconomic tools are employed."
- Harvey S. Rosen, Princeton University

"In this refreshingly different approach to environmental policy, we hear from a very wide variety of the world's environmental economists and policy researchers, with short and pointed opinion pieces. This is great reading and should be valuable for anyone who wishes to appreciate the nuances of solving many of today's pressing environmental problems."
- Charles D. Kolstad, University of California, Santa Barbara