A Look at Lieberman-Warner


June 2008


The United States Senate debated S. 2191 - America's Climate Security Act of 2008 - better known as the Lieberman-Warner bill. It was the first in-depth congressional consideration of comprehensive climate change legislation that seeks to regulate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

This web resource provides an introduction to the key elements under discussion during the Senate debate. Each page of this web tool examines one aspect of climate change legislation - such as allowance allocation or provisions for offsets - and provides an introductory snapshot of policy options and assessment criteria for that policy metric. Provisions contained in S. 2191 and other bills introduced in the 110th Congress are also covered.

Allowance Allocation
Cost ContainmentCompetitivenessTechnologyOffsets

Finally, each page provides links to further reading. The goal is to provide useful and relevant background information on climate policy options at a range of levels - introductory material for those who want the basics, and links to substantive analysis for those who want to learn more.

The navigation buttons on the right lead to pages describing different aspects of the legislation. The Introduction button is linked back to this page.


Further Reading

One of the key resources upon which these snapshots of policy options rest is a set of fifteen detailed policy briefs drawn from a recent report, "Assessing U.S. Climate Policy Options," that emerged from deliberations of the U.S. Climate Policy Forum, an RFF initiative. The aim of the briefs is to provide well-vetted policy options, important criteria for policy assessment, and well-articulated concerns, specifying the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. Pairing specific policy briefs with the complementary metrics from the legislative matrix will provide a high resolution analysis for any potential U.S. climate policies.

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