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112. Reducing Emissions While Promoting Green Power: A Look at the Options
Carolyn Fischer, March 5, 2010
111. Can Natural Gas Vehicles Make A Difference?
Alan Krupnick, March 1, 2010
110. The Fundamental Law of Road Congestion and Its Implication for Transportation Policy
Matthew A. Turner, February 19, 2010
109. Will REDD Really Be Cheap?
Allen Blackman, February 5, 2010
108. The Hidden Costs of Producing and Consuming Energy
Maureen L. Cropper, January 29, 2010
107. Green Tax Policies for China
Mun S. Ho, January 22, 2010
106. Fixing Chesapeake Bay: Getting the Strategy Right
Andrew Manale, January 15, 2010
105. Improving Clean Water Act Enforcement
Jay P. Shimshack and Michael B. Ward, January 8, 2010
104. Is Alcohol Consumption Undertaxed?
Ian W.H. Parry, December 18, 2009
103. Reforming the Regulation of Natural Gas Markets
Lucas W. Davis and Erich J. Muehlegger, December 11, 2009
102. Overcoming Distributional Obstacles to Market-Based Environmental Policies
Roberton Williams, December 4, 2009
101. Triple Convergence toward a Higher Gasoline Tax
Kenneth Small, November 20, 2009
100. What Motivates People to Buy Hybrids?
Shanjun Li, November 13, 2009
99. The 2008 Oil Price Shock: Markets or Mayhem?
James Smith, November 6, 2009
98. Ethics and Discounting Global Warming Damages
Cameron Hepburn, October 30, 3009
97. The Price of Gas and the Demand for Fuel Economy: Are There Any Links?
Thomas H. Klier and Joshua Linn, October 23, 2009
96. Tobacco Taxation in the European Union and United States
Sijbren Cnossen, October 19, 2009
95. A Pragmatic Global Climate Policy Architecture
Jeffrey Frankel and Valentina Bosetti, October 12, 2009
94. Reassessing Oil Security
Stephen P. A. Brown, October 5, 2009
93. The Value of Health and Longevity
Kevin M. Murphy and Robert H. Topel, September 28, 2009
92. Environmental Federalism
Wallace E. Oates, September 21, 2009
91. A New Approach to Reforming the National Flood Insurance Program
Leonard Shabman, September 7, 2009
90. Reinstating the Superfund Taxes: Good or Bad Policy
Kate Probst, August 24, 2009
89. The New Economics of Managing the Nation's Waste
Molly K. Macauley and Stephen W. Salant, August 10, 2009
88. Declining Traffic Fatalities: Lessons for Developing Countries?
Maureen Cropper and Elizabeth Kopits, July 27, 2009
87. The Evolving SO2 Allowance Market: Title IV, CAIR, and Beyond
Karen Palmer and David A. Evans, July 13, 2009
86. Achieving Efficient Coordination and Acceptance in Fishery Reform
Robert T. Deacon, June 29, 2009
85. Should Distributional Considerations Hold Up Higher Gasoline Taxes?
Sarah E. West, June 22, 2009
84. Prioritizing Investments for Improved Biodiversity Conservation Outcomes
Juha Siikamäki and Stephen Newbold, June 15, 2009
83. The Future of Regulatory Oversight and Analysis
Susan Dudley and Art Fraas, June 8, 2009
82. The Successful International Response to Stratospheric Ozone Depletion
James K. Hammitt, June 1, 2009
81. The Political Economy of Environmental Justice
Spencer Banzhaf, May 25, 2009
80. Can Catch Shares Save Fisheries?
Christopher Costello and Steven Gaines, May 18, 2009