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  IB 09-07

Managing Climate-Related International Forest Programs: A Proposal to Create the International Forest Conservation Corporation
Nigel Purvis, Ray Kopp, and Andrew Stevenson

RFF Issue Brief
June 2009


IB 09-03

International Forest Carbon in Congress: A Survey of Key Congressional Staff
Lou Leonard, Raymond J. Kopp, and Nigel Purvis

RFF Issue Brief
February 2009

The results from a survey of Congressional staff regarding their knowledge, beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes with respect to international forest carbon policy.

REDD Report Cover

Policies to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) in Developing Countries
Erin C. Myers Madeira

RFF Report
December 2008

This paper recommends five concrete actions the international community should take now to accelerate the development of global markets for forest carbon assets.


Conserving the Climate 
Nigel Purvis and Erin Myers Madeira                                                    

RFF Issue Brief
June 2008