U.S. Global Climate Leadership Initiative


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Of the many challenges President Obama will face will be the design and implementation of new domestic and foreign climate policy.

While new domestic policy has been taking shape in the past two Congresses, the development of a new U.S. foreign policy is in a nascent stage.  Both foreign nations and domestic interests concerned about climate change will expect the President to articulate a U.S. vision for a post-Kyoto world.  These foreign policy demands will surely represent a challenge, but also a unique opportunity for the U.S. to play a leadership role in the development of global climate policy.

RFF has launched an initiative to provide new ideas and refined thinking with respect to the foreign policy options available to the next President.  This new initiative will
  • Develop integrated U.S. foreign policy options for the time period 2010-2020
  • Conduct in depth research on specific foreign policy issues to support the options development
  • Engage with decisionmakers on those aspects of domestic climate policy that will serve as the foundation for a new foreign policy 

The U.S. Global Leadership Initiative is part of RFF’s Climate Policy Program.  The Program is designed to aid policymakers and stakeholders as they address the wide range, interrelated nature, and uncertain features of climate change.

The Program integrates across multidisciplinary research efforts to focus on the design of effective and efficient domestic and international climate policy; responds to requests for research, analysis, and briefings from policymakers and stakeholders in the U.S. and abroad; analyzes proposed policies in a timely manner; and hosts continuing dialogues among key decisionmakers to elevate the quality of policy discussions.

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