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New Issue of Resources Magazine: Fall 2017

Oct 5, 2017 | Peter Nelson
Resources 195 cover

The new issue of Resources—RFF's magazine featuring independent research and expert policy analysis that strengthens both the environment and the economy—is now available online.

Read the latest from RFF experts on the prospects for harmonizing energy policy across North America, US federal standards and state policies for new vehicle emissions and fuel economy, the future of self-driving cars, and more.

Check out the new issue.

Featured Stories

Is the Future Now? Autonomous Vehicle Technology and Consumer Demand

How much are people willing to pay for self-driving cars? RFF’s Benjamin Leard discusses his work on consumer demand for autonomous vehicles and the potential implications for society of wider adoption of these new technologies.

North American Energy Outlook: Capitalizing on Cross-Border Collaboration

Alan Krupnick, Amin Asadollahi, Juan Carlos Belausteguigotia Rius, and Isabel Echarte
How can Canada, Mexico, and the United States maximize the benefits of further cooperating on key environmental and fiscal policy areas related to oil and gas development across the continent?

The Next Big Thing in Carbon Markets? RGGI to Implement an Emissions Containment Reserve

Dallas Burtraw
As the first cap-and-trade program in North America, RGGI has had an outsized influence on the design of similar programs worldwide. RGGI now plans to implement an innovative new mechanism to help reduce price volatility in the allowance market.

Challenges to Reducing Air Pollution in China amid Economic Slowdown

Mun Ho and Chris Nielsen
China faces complex challenges to reduce air pollution while still promoting economic growth. No simple solution exists—but policy reforms to reduce excess capacity and get prices right can help in both the near and long terms.

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