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New Issue of Resources Magazine: Spring 2018

Apr 12, 2018 | Peter Nelson
Resources 197 cover

The new issue of Resources—RFF's magazine featuring independent research and expert policy analysis that strengthens both the environment and the economy—is now available online.

Read the latest from RFF experts on developing adaptation strategies for coastal ecosystems and agriculture, household demand for flood insurance and NFIP reform options, possibilities for state and regional carbon pricing policies, and more.

Check out the new issue.

Featured Stories

Saltwater Intrusion and Coastal Climate Adaptation: Building Community Resilience

Rebecca Epanchin-Niell, Keryn Gedan, Jarrod Miller, and Kate Tully
Saltwater intrusion induced by climate change presents an explicit threat to the Earth’s coastal regions. How can communities best adapt to the risks for agriculture and ecosystems?

How Do Homeowners Value Flood Insurance? Examining a Troubling Contradiction

Andrew Royal
Understanding how homeowners think about flood insurance can help lawmakers consider reforms to the National Flood Insurance Program aimed at protecting the most vulnerable populations.

The Benefits of Flexible Policy Design: US Energy Conservation Standards for Appliances

Joshua Blonz, Benjamin Leard, and Karen Palmer
Introducing regulatory compliance flexibility could reduce consumer prices for appliances and compliance costs for manufacturers, as well as increase choices in the market while achieving important efficiency gains.

Does Repealing BLM’s 2016 Methane Rule Pass a Cost–Benefit Test?

Alan J. Krupnick and Isabel Echarte
Considering both global and domestic estimates of the social cost of methane paints a more comprehensive picture about the costs and benefits of BLM’s methane waste prevention rule.

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