About Weathervane

Launched in 1997, Weathervane was designed to advance and inform debates surrounding the environmental and economic aspects of climate change. Since its inception the “digital forum on global climate policy” has fostered a vibrant discussion of current climate change policy research and debate.


Weathervane is sponsored by Resources for the Future’s Climate and Electricity Policy Program. The program provides a framework for policymakers and stakeholders to better understand and address one of the most complex environmental issues of our time— climate change.


The program has two core objectives: to develop domestic policies that are politically and economically viable and to articulate a new architecture for a global climate policy regime. Program scholars work to both support current policy efforts as well as fostering the evolution of these policies over time by making economic analysis more usable and facilitating decision maker involvement in developing new tools.

About Resources for the Future


Founded in 1952, Resources for the Future is an independent, nonprofit research organization that conducts policy analysis—rooted primarily in economics and other social sciences—on environmental, energy, and natural resource issues.