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CEEP > Projects > The Consortium for Energy Economics and Policy in China (CEEPIC)

The Consortium for Energy Economics and Policy in China (CEEPIC)

RFF’s Center for Energy Economics and Policy (CEEP) has partnered with institutions in China on a research collaboration dedicated to improving Chinese energy policy: the Consortium for Energy Economics and Policy in China (CEEPIC).

Led by RFF Fellow Zhongmin Wang, along with CEEP Director Alan Krupnick and Jintao Xu, director of the China Center for Energy and Development in the National School of Economic Development at Peking University, CEEPIC’s goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of China’s energy resources. Specifically, CEEPIC conducts long-term, integrated economic studies and policy analyses, works with researchers and policymakers in China and the United States, and builds capacity through student-researcher exchange activities.

Current Areas of Research

  • The associated policies, economics, development risks, and social costs of unconventional fossil fuels
  • Transportation options for a low-carbon future
  • China’s pilot programs for carbon trading
  • The economics and policies associated with renewable energy

Research Highlights

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