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Considering a US Carbon Tax

Numerous countries and regions around the globe are using a carbon tax to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, and many experts believe that such a policy could be economically efficient, growth-enhancing, and consistent with long-term mitigation goals for the United States as well. RFF experts are working with policymakers, industry stakeholders, and academic experts to answer their questions about the design elements and potential effects of a federal carbon tax policy, including the economic and environmental impacts, possible uses of tax revenues, potential employment ramifications, and how different groups and regions would be affected.

     Carbon Tax Infographic
How much would consumers pay for electricity in 2020 as a result of a $25-per-ton tax on carbon?

Source: Palmer, Karen, Anthony Paul, and Matt Woerman. 2012. The Variability of Potential Revenue from a Tax on Carbon. Issue brief 12-03. Washington, DC: Resources for the Future.

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