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RFF's Center for Energy and Climate Economics

RFF’s Center for Energy and Climate Economics (CECE) designs efficient and effective policy options for sustainably developing energy resources and addressing global climate change. Within CECE, RFF experts conduct rigorous economic research and policy analysis on today’s most pressing issues, helping leaders around the world make better decisions that balance the need for economic growth and environmental stewardship.

CECE was launched in 2014 as a result of combining RFF’s energy and climate centers, reflecting RFF’s comprehensive approach to examining these intertwined issues and building upon existing research underway at RFF. 

CECE’s research portfolio includes a range of domestic and international energy and climate issues, such as the future of the US electric power sector, climate change adaptation and mitigation policies, international trade and competitiveness, energy issues in China, and options for international climate policy structures.

Strategic Research Initiatives

To enrich RFF’s research and collaboration on important topics, CECE has established the following initiatives that offer opportunities for unique economic and policy analysis and expert engagement, in addition to a broader research portfolio. These initiatives are currently in progress.

Previous Research Projects

Deepwater Drilling: Recommendations for a Safer Future
In August 2010, the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling asked RFF experts to conduct a series of studies that would help inform the commission’s investigations and recommendations by identifying potential improvements in industry and government practice to reduce the risk of future catastrophic spills.

Reforming Institutions and Managing Extremes: US Policy Approaches for Adapting to Climate Change
RFF experts examine the effects of a changing climate on terrestrial ecosystems, marine ecosystems, freshwater resources, agriculture, human health, and infrastructure, and provided steps that the federal government can take to address those impacts.


RFF would like to acknowledge the following supporters for their contributions to RFF’s energy and climate research in 2014:

  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
    American Honda Motor Company
    Anthony Bernhardt
    Bennett Twitmyer
    Consolidated Edison Company of New York
    DrillingInfo (in-kind)
    Duke Energy
    Edison Electric Institute
    Energy Foundation
    Fuel Freedom Foundation
    Generation Foundation
    Goldman, Sachs & Co.
    Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment
    Gregory Alexander
    Heising-Simons Foundation
    Joseph Gleberman
    Kelly McKemy
    Larry Birenbaum
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Lawrence H. Linden
    Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
    Merck Family Fund
    Merribel S. Ayres
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    Rio Tinto
    Robert C. Means
    Samuel Freeman Trust
    Shell Oil Company
    Southern California Edison
    Southern Company
    The Energy Foundation
    The G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation
    The Mistra Foundation
    The Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE)
    The Salt River Project
    The Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation
    US Department of Energy
    US Environmental Protection Agency
    William K. Reilly
    Yi Jiang