Past Conference

2nd World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists Papers

Jun 24, 2002 - Jun 27, 2002

About the Event

The following papers were presented by RFF scholars at the 2nd World Congress of Environmental And Resource Economists. Papers are organized alphabetically with links to their abstracts and full text, when available.

Bacterial Resistance And The Optimal Use Of Antibiotics
Ramanan Laxminarayan | Abstract | Full Text

Biological Limits On Agricultural Intensification: An Example From Resistance Management
Ramanan Laxminarayan | Abstract | Full Text

Clean Technological Change In Developing-Country Industrial Clusters: Mexican Leather Tanning
Allen Blackman | Abstract | Full Text

The Complex Interactions Of Markets For Endangered Species Products
Carolyn Fischer | Abstract | Full Text

Differential Fuel Taxes: Lessons Learned From The European Experience  
Virginia McConnell and Winston Harrington | Abstract

Discounting The Distant Future: How Much Do Uncertain Rates Increase Valuations?
Richard Newell | Abstract | Full Text

Distributional Consequences Of Road Pricing Policies On A Network Representing A Real City
Winston Harrington and Elena Safirova | Abstract

Economic Analysis Of The Product Stewardship Movement: Understanding Costs, Effectiveness, And The Role For Policy 
Karen Palmer | Abstract | Full Text

The Effect Of Allowance Allocation On The Cost Of Carbon Emission  Trading
Dallas Burtraw and Karen Palmer | Abstract | Full Text

The Effect Of So2 Control Policies On Co2 Emissions In The People's Republic Of China
Richard Morgenstern and Alan Krupnick | Abstract

Efficient Emission Fees In The U.S. Electricity Sector
Spencer Banzhaf and Dallas Burtraw | Abstract

Enforcement, Payments, And Development Projects Near Protected Areas: How The Market Setting Determines
Heidi Albers | Abstract

Estimating The Value Of Mortality Risk Reduction For Environmental Policy In South Korea: A Benefit Transfer Test
Alan Krupnick | Abstract

Evaluating The Health Benefits Of Transitions In Household Energy Technology In Kenya 
Majid Ezzati |  Abstract

Fishing Quota Markets    
Richard Newell and James Sanchirico | Abstract | Full Text

Financial Responsibility For Environmental Obligations: Are Bonding And Assurance Rules Fulfilling Their Promises?  
Jim Boyd |  Abstract

Implementing Electricity Restructuring: Policies, Potholes, And Prospects 
Karen Palmer | Abstract | Full Text

The Irreversibility Effect: Necessary Versus Sufficient Conditions
Urvashi Narain |  Abstract

Monopoly Extraction Of An Exhaustible Resource With Two Markets   
Carolyn Fischer and Ramanan Laxminarayan | Abstract | Full Text

The Near-Term Impacts Of Carbon Mitigation Policies On Manufacturing Industries
Richard Morgenstern, Jhih-Shyang Shih, and Mun Ho | Abstract | Full Text

On Optimal Fares For Public Transport
Ian Parry |  Abstract

Optimal Investment In Clean Production Capacity
Michael Toman and Carolyn Fischer | Abstract

Optimal Resource Management With A Safe Minimum Standard: Conditions For Living On The Edge Of Risk
Michael Margolis | Abstract | Full Text

Ozone And PM Air Pollution Control: An Integrated Approach 
Jhih-Shyang Shih and Alan Krupnick | Abstract

Poverty And The Environment: Estimating The Effect Of Natural Resource Availability On Household Incomes In Rural India
Urvashi Narain | Abstract

Property Rights And Extraction In Government Forests In Developing Countries: Spatial And Temporal Considerations 
Heidi Albers |  Abstract

Testing For Environmental Gentrification: Migratory Responses To Changes In Air Quality In Los Angeles
Spencer Banzhaf | Abstract

Willingness To Pay For Future Risk: How Much Does Latency Matter?
Alan Krupnick | Abstract