Past Conference

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Environmental Regulation

Dec 5, 2002 - Dec 6, 2002

About the Event

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Environmental Regulation                                         

December 5-6, 2002
An RFF Workshop

Overview and Objectives

This workshop examines international experience with competing regulatory approaches, focusing on six paired cases.



The Paparazzi Take a Look at a
Living Legend:
The SO2 Cap and Trade Program for Coal-Fired Power
Plants in the US

Dallas Burtraw and Karen Palmer
The German policy to reduce SO2 emissions from
existing large combustion plants in the electricity sector

Frank Wätzold/Bernd Hansjürgens


Fees in Dutch Water Quality Management: How Effective Are They in Reducing Pollution
Hans Th. A. Bressers and Kris. R. D. Lulofs
Regulating Industrial Wastewater Pollution in the United States
Winston Harrington

The Evolution of NOx Control Policy for Coal-Fired Power Plants in the U.S.
Dallas Burtraw and David A. Evans

A Comparative Study of French and Swedish Regulation of Nitrogen Oxides Emissions
Katrin Millock and Thomas Sterner


Phase out of Leaded Gasoline - The European Experience
Henrik Hammar and Åsa Löfgren
The U.S. Experience with the Phasedown of Lead in Gasoline
Richard G. Newell and Kristian Rogers


Policy Instruments for Chlorinated Solvents
Thomas Sterner

An Ex Post Analysis of the Regulation of Trichloroethylene
under Section 112 of the U.S. Clean Air Act

Miranda Loh and Richard D. Morgenstern

Opening Remarks

Raymond J. Kopp, Vice President for Programs, Resources for the Future

Session II: Industrial Water Pollution

Winston Harrington

Resources for the Future

US Experience



Hans Bressers and Kris Lulofs

University of Twente

Dutch Experience


Scott Farrow

US General Accounting Office