Past Seminar

Climate Policy in the US and Japan: Agenda

Feb 12, 2004 - Feb 13, 2004

About the Event

Climate Policy in the U.S. and Japan                                                                            Workshop Agenda

Welcome (8:30-8:45)

Lesli Creedon, RFF Vice-President for External Affairs
Shuzo Nishioka, IGES Climate Policy Project Leader

Session I (8:45-10:45): Mitigation policy discussion

Chair: Dick Morgenstern (RFF)


Billy Pizer (RFF)
Denny Ellerman (MIT)
Yasuhiro Shimizu (MOE)
Hidenori Niizawa (Kobe University of Commerce)
Toshihiko Masui (National Institute for Environmental Studies)

  • National policy update: What are the current mitigation policy proposals at the federal level in the U.S. and Japan?
  • Economic analysis: What are estimated costs, benefits, and competitiveness issues associated with proposed policies?
  • Discussion

Session II (11:15-1:15): Technology policy discussion

Chair: Tae Yong Jung (IGES)


Dina Kruger (US EPA)
Dale Heydlauff (American Electric Power)
Masayuki Sasanouchi (Toyota)
Haruki Tsuchiya (Research Institute for Systems Technology)

  • Technology roadmaps: What are the most promising technologies for both CO2 and other greenhouse gases, barriers to their development, and likely time frame?
  • Perspectives on technology policy: What are the private sector’s perspectives on technology policy?
  • Discussion

Lunch (1:15-2:15)

Session III (2:15-4:15): State, local and non-governmental initiatives

Chair: Ray Kopp (RFF)


Jason Grumet (National Commission on Energy Policy)
Ned Helme (Center for Clean Air Policy)
Kiyoshi Saito (Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association)
Toshiko Chiba and Yuko Nishida (Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

  • U.S. initiatives: What role do state, local, and non-governmental initiatives play in climate policy development?
  • Japan initiatives: What role do local governments and private sector initiatives play in climate policy development?
  • Discussion

General Discussion (4:30-5:30): Moving Forward

Chair and Remarks:

Ray Kopp (RFF)
Shuzo Nishioka (IGES)