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Addressing the Mercury Problem

Jun 15, 2004

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Addressing the Mercury Problem: Global Challenge, Local Impact?
Tuesday, June 15, 2004

An RFF Forum

Alongside carbon dioxide, NOX, and SO2, mercury is the fourth key target pollutant of coal-burning electrical power plants that might be subject to regulation pending the outcome of current congressional debate. The Environmental Protection Agency will finalize mercury standards for the electricity sector in March 2005.

This heavy metal, in its various chemical forms, cycles through global air and water ecosystems and adversely effects humans, primarily through the consumption of fish. Released from the combustion of coal as well as medical and municipal waste, these mercury compounds can become highly toxic once deposited into waterways. Mercury deposition from the air is uneven and is often concentrated in localized “hot spots.”

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Introduction: Paul Portney | Link to Video
President and Senior Fellow
Resources for the Future


Link to video of Paul Portney

Moderator: Dallas Burtraw | Link to Video of Dallas Burtraw
Senior Fellow
Resources for the Future

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Panelist I: Michael Miller | Link to Video Link to Presentation Slides
Vice President, Environment
Electric Power Research Institute

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Panelist II: Michael Murray | Link to Video Link to Presentation Slides
Staff Scientist
National Wildlife Federation

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Panelist III: Paulette Middleton | Link to Video Link to Presentation Slides
Panorama Pathways

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Panel Discussion | Link to Video Link to video of Panel Discusion

Question & Answer Session | Link to Video


  • Dallas Burtraw, Darius Gaskins Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future