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Second Annual Hans Landsberg Lecture with Preston Chiaro

Feb 9, 2005

About the Event

Second Annual Hans Landsberg Memorial Lecture with Preston Chiaro: Adapting to a Changing Climate
February 9, 2005

What are the global issues surrounding mining development in the future? How does this source of energy affect the environment in mining areas? What role do mineral resources play in addressing the United States' energy dilemmas, and how does this affect environmental regulation?

To explore these questions, Resources For the Future welcomes Preston Chiaro, chief executive of the Rio Tinto Energy Group, to present the 2005 Hans Landsberg Memorial Lecture. Rio Tinto is a world leader in finding, mining, and processing the earth's mineral resources, and the Rio Tinto Energy Group has major interests in coal mines in the United States and Australia, along with holdings in uranium oxide for use in nuclear power generation.


Video and Presentations

Paul Portney
President and Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future


Preston Chiaro  
Chief Executive, Rio Tinto Energy Group
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Question & Answer Session


 The Hans Landsberg Memorial Lecture is an annual event dedicated to the memory of Hans Landsberg, a pioneer in energy and mineral economics who was a devoted member of the RFF staff for nearly 40 years.




  • Hans H. Landsberg, Senior Fellow (emeritus)