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Natural Disasters and Policymaking: RFF First Wednesday Seminar

Apr 5, 2006

About the Event

Natural Disasters and Policymaking: Whither Risk Assessment?   
April 5, 2006
RFF First Wednesday Seminar

RFF's First Wednesday speakers discussed historical and contemporary experience with natural disasters ranging from the Mississippi Flood of 1927 to Hurricane Katrina. They also compared and contrasted approaches in the United States and in the Netherlands to the challenge of hydrology -- its science, engineering, risk assessment, and public response -- and how these can fly in the face of policymaking.

Video of this First Wednesday Seminar follows below.


Phil Sharp
President, Resources for the Future

Roger Cooke
Chauncey Starr Chair, Resources for the Future


Charlotte Randolph
Parish President of LaFourche Parish, Louisiana, and Member of the 2006 Louisiana Delegation to The Netherlands


Martin Reuss
Senior Historian, US Army Corps of Engineers


Len Shabman
Resident Scholar, Resources for the Future