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Effective Public Disclosure Programs for Environmental Management

May 22, 2006

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Implementing Effective Public Disclosure Programs for Environmental Management

May 22, 2006
An RFF Seminar

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Pollution control programs that focus on public disclosure of information about environmental performance--for example, the Toxic Release Inventory in the United States--are increasingly popular and hold considerable promise for developing countries. Nabiel Makarim, former Indonesian Minister of the Environment, will share his country's pioneering experiences with such programs.In 1995, Makarim created and launched the Program for Pollution Control, Evaluation and Rating (PROPER) to collect and disseminate information about the environmental performance of leading private-sector polluters.The program is widely seen as a success, and to date, nearly a dozen other countries have adopted similar programs. As Minister, Makarim also developed the Good Environmental Governance (GEG) program, which rates the environmental performance of cities and local environmental agencies.Makarim will review the implementation history of both the PROPER and GEG programs and discuss lessons learned.


  • Nabiel Makarim
    Former Minister of the Environment, Republic of Indonesia