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The Intersection of Climate and Deforestation: RFF First Wednesday seminar

Nov 7, 2007 Video

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At the Intersection of Climate and Deforestation: Can We Solve Two Problems at Once?
RFF First Wednesday Seminar
November 7, 2007

While tropical deforestation is a long-standing environmental concern, the climate debate brings new attention to the value of services from forests. On November 7th, our speakers addressed the opportunities for and challenges to designing and implementing a role for forests in addressing climate change. Discussion included avoided deforestation in the context of future international climate agreements and United States' legislation on climate change, developing countries and sustainable development, the economics of avoided deforestation, and practical considerations in policy development and implementation.

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Phil Sharp, President, RFF

Lawrence H. Linden, Advisory Director, The Goldman Sachs Group; and Chair, Board of Directors, Resources for the Future


Annie Petsonk, International Counsel, Environmental Defense


Kevin M. Conrad, Department of the Prime Minister, Special Envoy and Ambassador for Environment and Climate Change, Papua New Guinea; and Director, Coalition for Rainforest Nations


Raymond J. Kopp, Senior Fellow and Director, Climate and Technology Program, Resources for the Future


William Hohenstein, Director, Global Change Program Office, U.S. Department of Agriculture





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  • Lawrence H. Linden
  • Raymond J. Kopp, Vice President for Energy and Climate; and Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future