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How Much To Stabilize our Climate?: RFF First Wednesday Seminar

Jan 16, 2008 Video

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How Much to Stabilize our Climate? A Review of Recent Estimates
RFF First Wednesday Seminar
January 16, 2008

A recent study by the U.S. Climate Change Science Program updated scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions and concentrations. Three modeling teams (from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Stanford and the Electric Power Research Institute) used integrated assessment models to compare alternative reference case scenarios. The speakers will discuss the study results and their implications for future emissions, the energy system, and the economy if CO2 concentrations are stabilized at different levels. The analysis focuses exclusively on mitigation costs and does not examine the avoided damages associated with stabilization.

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Molly Macauley, Senior Fellow, RFF

Molly Macauley

William A. Pizer
, Senior Fellow, RFF


Rich Richels, Senior Technical Executive for Climate Research, Electric Power Research Institute

William A. Pizer


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  • William A. Pizer, University Fellow, Susan B. King Professor and Associate Dean for Programs, Sanford School of Public Policy, and Faculty Fellow, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Duke University