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Fifth Annual Hans Landsberg Lecture with Kathleen A. McGinty

Feb 6, 2008 Video

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Fifth Annual Hans Landsberg Memorial Lecture with Kathleen A. McGinty: Climate Change: A Global Problem Requiring a Global Solution.
Or, Maybe Not....
February 6, 2008

Kathleen A. McGinty
In 2003, Kathleen A. McGinty became the first woman to head the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Previously, she chaired the White House Council on Environmental Quality and was a deputy assistant to President Bill Clinton. She also created and headed the first-ever White House Office on Environmental Policy. In 1999, McGinty completed a year-long stay in India as a senior visiting fellow with the Tata Energy Research Institute, where she forged new business ventures between U.S. and Indian advanced-energy technology companies and helped to craft a historic environmental cooperation compact between the United States and India.

In 1996, she was designated a "Global Leader for Tomorrow" by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. She has served as a senior policy advisor to the Democratic National Committee, as vice president for asset management at Natsource, LLC, and as a director of Proton Energy Systems Inc. She currently serves on the Board of Trustees of St. Joseph's University. She earned a chemistry degree from St. Joseph's University and a law degree from Columbia University.


Phil Sharp
President, Resources for the Future

Kathleen A. McGinty
Secretary, Department of Environmental Protection
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The Hans Landsberg Memorial Lecture is an annual event dedicated to the memory of Hans Landsberg, a pioneer in energy and mineral economics who was a devoted member of the RFF staff for nearly 40 years.
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  • Phil Sharp, Fellow, The Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs; former President, RFF