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Sixth Annual Hans Landsberg Lecture with Paul Joskow

Oct 1, 2008 Video

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The Sixth Annual Hans Landsberg Memorial Lecture with Paul Joskow: Electricity Restructuring: What’s Gone Right? What’s Gone Wrong? Why Do We Care?
October 1, 2008

In this presentation, Paul Joskow outlines the dimensions of America’s electricity sector, how the industry is regulated, and the competitive factors that influence pricing and usage of electrical power. He also discusses how this reorganization of this sector could affect utilities and consumers as well as environmental policies, especially climate change. Joskow is president of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and formerly was the Elizabeth and James Killian Professor of Economics and Management at MIT and Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research.

The Hans Landsberg Memorial Lecture honors the memory of Landsberg, a pioneer in energy and mineral economics who was a devoted member of the RFF staff for nearly 40 years. Hans was a friend and mentor to many individuals, motivating them to pursue careers as diverse as his many interests. His contributions include lead-authorship of Resources in America’s Future, a 1963 landmark volume examining the multiplicity of natural resource requirements to sustain the nation's economic growth, and Energy: The Next Twenty Years (1979), a major research effort Landsberg directed to probe the nation's energy dilemmas in the wake of emerging environmental concerns.

Phil Sharp
President, Resources for the Future

Paul Joskow
President, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
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