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The Payoff from Energy Efficiency

Jun 16, 2010 Video

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Policy Leadership Forum: The Payoff from Energy Efficiency
With Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.

Many studies have identified efficiency measures from buildings as a potential "win-win" strategy that can reduce carbon emissions and energy use at a net cost-savings. TIAA-CREF manages one of the nation's largest real estate portfolios. CEO Roger Ferguson discussed the company's commitment to energy conservation, as well as other socially responsible investing practices.


Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., is president and chief executive officer of TIAA-CREF, the leading provider of retirement services in the academic, research, medical, and cultural fields and a Fortune 100 financial services organization with $426 billion in combined assets under management.


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