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Trade and Sustainability of Forest Products: Global Challenges and Opportunities

Nov 2, 2011 Video

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Trade and Sustainability of Forest Products: Global Challenges and Opportunities
An RFF First Wednesday Seminar
November 2, 2011

About the Event (L-R) Al Goetzel and Adam Grant

International buyers of forest products know the importance of identifying sustainable and legal sources—they also know this is challenging in today’s complex global markets. Although estimating the scale of illegal logging is difficult, a recent Chatham House report suggests that illegal activities may account for more than one tenth of the total global timber trade, representing products worth at least $15 billion per year. A significant portion of global deforestation is the result of such illegal activities—and according to the 2006 Stern Review, emissions resulting from deforestation are greater than those produced by the entire global transport sector, making illegal logging a serious concern.

Around the world, private and public procurement policies are focusing on ways to eliminate illegal fiber from supply chains. This includes a shift from voluntary to mandatory government regulations, such as the amended Lacey Act in the United States and the European Union Timber Regulation.

At this RFF First Wednesday seminar, panelists looked at the impacts of this critical international issue, the changing regulatory regime, and some of the tools available to help buyers avoid illegal forest products. They explored the role of third-party forest certification in forest trade and previewed the Forest Legality Alliance’s new risk information tool.


Roberton C. Williams III, Senior Fellow and Director, Academic Programs, Resources for the Future


Roger Sedjo, Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Forest Economics and Policy, Resources for the Future


Al Goetzl, International Trade Analyst, Natural Resources and Metals Division, U.S. International Trade Commission
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Adam Grant, Senior Associate, World Resources Institute
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Nadine Block, Senior Director of Government Outreach, Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc.
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