Past Policy Leadership Forum

Energy Revolution: Utilities Confront the Shifting Energy Landscape

May 13, 2014 Video

About the Event

Images courtesy of Exelon CorporationImages courtesy of Exelon Corporation.

Exelon President and CEO Chris Crane with RFF President Phil SharpMajor changes in how energy is produced, priced, delivered, and consumed are reshaping the energy marketplace. Trends including the natural gas boom, renewable energy growth, smart grid, and distributed generation are changing the landscape for both suppliers and consumers. New challenges are compounded by current energy policies, which can have unintended consequences for markets, grid reliability, and the environment. Join Chris Crane, President and CEO of Exelon, one of the nation's leading competitive energy providers, for a one-on-one conversation with RFF President Phil Sharp about the massive shifts affecting the energy industry and how they will shape the economy in years to come. From the changing generation mix to new consumer behaviors to emerging technologies, Crane will share his thoughts on the future of energy.

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