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Academic Seminar Series 2007

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Academic Seminar Series 2007

Resources for the Future hosts an Academic Seminar Series that provides an opportunity for outside scholars to present their latest research at RFF. The series emphasizes the applications of theoretical and emipirical tools in the assessment of environmental, resource, energy, and public health issues. The seminar series runs through the academic year, from September through May, with the exception of January. The seminars are typically held every other Thursday and are open to the public. All seminars will be held from 2-3:30pm, in the 7th Floor Conference Room.

Resources for the Future is located at:
1616 P St. NW
Washington, DC 20036

If you have any questions, please contact Joe Aldy at, or (202) 328-5091.

As they become available, relevant papers and additional materials will be posted here (please click on paper titles). 

Academic Seminars for 2007



Health Shocks and Environmental Stewardship

-Joshua Graff Zivin, Columbia University


Domestic Climate Change Policy Design Issues

-Terry Dinan, Congressional Budget Office

11/15/07 “Probing Precautionary Policies for Integrated Risk Management: European Perspectives, Universal Challenges”

-Timo Assmuth, Finnish Environment Institute and Visiting Scholar, Tufts University

Technology, Development, and the Environment

-Karen Fisher-Vanden, Dartmouth College


Making Small Work: Business Strategies for Electrifying the World

-Hisham Zerriffi, University of British Columbia

NOTE: This is a special Tuesday seminar.


Fat City: Questioning the Relationship Between Urban Sprawl and Obesity

-Matthew Turner, University of Toronto


Forests in Transition: Economic Costs and Benefits of Forests as a Climate Stabilization Tool

-Brent Sohngen, Ohio State University

NOTE: This seminar will be held from 12-1:30pm.

09/06/07 Sustainable Land Management and Adoption of Soil Conservation in Ethiopia

-Gunnar Köhlin, University of Gothenburg


"Recent Developments in the EU ETS - Results from 2005 and 2006, Allocation For 2008-2012, and recent debates on post-2012"

- Felix, Chr. Matthes, Öko-Institut - Berlin, Germany

05/24/07 Police-powers, regulatory takings and the efficient compensation of domestic and foreign investors

-Carol McAusland, University of Maryland


Some Overlooked Economics of Solar Photovoltaics

-Severin Borenstein, University of California - Berkeley
04/30/07 Forecasting the Path of China's CO2 Emissions: Offsetting Kyoto - And Then Some

-Maximilian Auffhammer, University of California - Berkeley

NOTE: This is a special Monday seminar.


Capital Investments in the Power Generation Sector and the Uncertainty of CO2 Emissions Regulations

-Dalia Patino-Echeverri, Carnegie Mellon University

03/22/07 A Biomass Future for the North American Great Plains: Toward Sustainable Land Use and Mitigation of Global Warming

-Norman Rosenberg, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 

Better Regulation in Europe

-Jonathan Wiener, Duke University


Global Public Goods

-Scott Barrett, Johns Hopkins University


Consumer and Market Responses to Mad-Cow Disease

-Wolfram Schlenker,
Columbia University


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