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Data - Climate Change and Extreme Events

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Ice Sheets on the Move

The SHELDUS database is maintained by the Hazards and Vulnerability Research Group at the University of South Carolina.  It is a county level dataset on damages and fatalities from a variety of natural hazards.  Please visit the website for information about this dataset by clicking here.

SHELDUS data (Right Click to Download Spreadsheet - 30 MB)

Fatalities and Population Data from SHELDUS
(Right Click to Download Spreadsheet - 2 MB)


Data on presidential disaster declarations is available from the Public Entity Risk Institute.  Please visit their site to download the data:


NFIP claims by county (Right Click to Download Spreadsheet - 2 MB)
This is data on NFIP claims filed by county and year. This data is not inflation-corrected.

Florida flood claims (Right Click to Download Spreadsheet - 136 KB)
Florida flood claims filed by county and month


Crop Insurance Indemnities Paid
(Right Click to Download Spreadsheet - 7 MB)