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New Volume on Children and Climate Contains Inputs from RFF Experts

Protecting Children in the Face of Disaster: New Blog Post by RFF’s Kousky Also Out Today
May 4, 2016

WASHINGTON—The Future of Children, the collaborative effort between Princeton University and the Brookings Institution to promote effective policies for children through objective information, earlier today released its spring publication: Children and Climate Change. The volume contains nine pieces by distinguished authors all exploring how climate change may affect children’s health and well-being, as well as the policies that could mitigate potential harm. It is publicly available as a free download at

Three researchers affiliated with Resources for the Future (RFF) contributed to the volume:

  • RFF Fellow Carolyn Kousky, who wrote, “Impacts of Natural Disasters on Children”;
  • Duke University Professor and RFF University Fellow William A. Pizer, who with Simon Dietz and Ben Groom wrote, “Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Climate Change to Our Children”; and
  • Harvard University Associate Professor and RFF Visiting Fellow Joseph E. Aldy, who wrote, “Mobilizing Political Action on Behalf of Future Generations.”

Topics in the other chapters range from pollution and climate change to implications for children in developing countries.

Also out today: a related blog post from RFF’s Carolyn Kousky—Protecting Children in the Face of Disaster. She notes, “As the climate warms, many weather-related disasters are predicted to increase in frequency or severity. . . . As scholars and policymakers alike explore how society can adapt to these changes, children are often overlooked, although they represent roughly half of those impacted by disasters.” Read the full blog post.

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