RFF Project

State and Regional Climate Policy

RFF experts are examining how states, regions, and other subnational jurisdictions are taking action to address climate change, both independent of and together with federal policy.

States and regions have often taken the lead in developing climate policy, from renewable portfolio standards to cap-and-trade programs, particularly in North America. RFF research has informed the design of a number of these policies and RFF experts are continuing to look at how states and regions design climate initiatives, manage issues such as emissions leakage and competitiveness concerns, and balance economic and environmental goals.

In addition to the research listed below, read analysis by RFF experts on two subnational climate programs in the United States: the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in the Northeast and California’s AB 32 cap-and-trade program.

State governments also will play a prominent role in any implementation of the Clean Power Plan, the US federal government’s proposed policy for managing carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector. Read more about RFF’s extensive research on the Clean Power Plan.