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Krupnick Blog on Newest Trump Reg. Reform Order

Mar 1, 2017

WASHINGTON—In a blog posted yesterday, Resources for the Future (RFF) Senior Fellow Alan Krupnick looks at the Trump administration’s latest executive order on regulatory reform, “Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda.”

Krupnick previously wrote about the first executive order on regulatory reform in an earlier blog post, Doubling Down on Trump’s Two-for-One Regulatory Reform. About that order, he said, “The fundamental problems with Trump’s two-for-one executive order are that regulations can be eliminated that have larger benefits to society than costs, and that new regulations face three times the analytical hurdles they would normally face.”

In yesterday’s post, Trump’s Regulatory Task Force Executive Order: Is the Tiger Paper?, Krupnick writes of the administration’s newest executive order on regulatory reform: “Where the rubber meets the road is at the agencies that have to identify candidate rules for elimination and do the necessary analyses to undergird rescinding them. Here, Trump’s latest executive order … seems more reasonable. … [T]he real abyss may be regulatory gridlock as a result of so many new requirements for agencies, greater hurdles for issuing new regulations, and likely budgetary cutbacks that will make it very difficult to meet statutory goals.”

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