RFF's Energy and Climate Program: People

RFF’s Energy and Climate Program delivers research and solutions to cost-effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, advance a reliable and clean energy system, and ensure a healthy environment—while balancing the need for economic growth.

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Ray Kopp, Vice President for Energy and Climate; and Senior Fellow
Kristin Hayes, Program Director, Energy and Climate

Researchers and Other Staff

Josh Blonz, Postdoctoral Fellow
Timothy J. Brennan, Senior Fellow
Dallas Burtraw, Darius Gaskins Senior Fellow
Yunguang Chen, Postdoctoral Fellow
Maureen L. Cropper, Senior Fellow
Joel Darmstadter, Senior Fellow Emeritus
William E. Dickenson, Senior Advisor
Isabel Echarte, Research Assistant
Carolyn Fischer, Senior Fellow
Brian Flannery, Visiting Fellow
Arthur G. Fraas, Visiting Fellow
Marc Hafstead, Fellow and Director, Carbon Pricing Initiative
Winston Harrington, Senior Fellow Emeritus
Mun Ho, Visiting Fellow
Amelia Keyes, Research Assistant
Cora Kingdon, Research Assistant
Joseph A. Kruger, Visiting Fellow
Alan J. Krupnick, Senior Fellow
Benjamin Leard, Fellow
Joshua Linn, Senior Fellow
Wesley Look, Senior Research Associate
Jan Mares, Senior Advisor
Virginia McConnell, Senior Fellow
Richard D. Morgenstern, Senior Fellow
Karen L. Palmer, Senior Fellow
Anthony Paul, Fellow
Paul Picciano, Research Assistant
Brian C. Prest, Fisher Dissertation Fellow
Daniel Raimi, Senior Research Associate
Kevin Rennert, Fellow
Heather L. Ross, Visiting Fellow
Jeremy Schreifels, Visiting Fellow
Daniel Shawhan, Visiting Fellow
Jhih-Shyang Shih, Fellow
Katalin Springel, Postdoctoral Fellow
Daniel M. Sullivan, Fellow
Roberton C. Williams III, Senior Fellow and Director, Academic Programs

Joseph E. Aldy, University Fellow
David Anthoff, University Fellow
Stephen P.A. Brown, University Fellow
Sir Partha Dasgupta, University Fellow
Hadi Dowlatabadi, University Fellow
Lawrence H. Goulder, University Fellow
Charles D. Kolstad, University Fellow
Jon A. Krosnick, University Fellow
John A. List, University Fellow
Charles Mason, University Fellow
Gilbert E. Metcalf, University Fellow
Lucija Anna Muehlenbachs, University Fellow
William A. Pizer, University Fellow
Paul R. Portney, University Fellow
Nathan Richardson, University Fellow
V. Kerry Smith, University Fellow
Robert N. Stavins, University Fellow
Thomas Sterner, University Fellow
Jonathan B. Wiener, University Fellow
Catherine Wolfram, University Fellow