Past Seminar

Book Launch: "Confronting the Climate Challenge: US Policy Options"

Mar 2, 2018 Resources for the Future, 1616 P St Nw, Washington, DC, 20036

About the Event

An RFF/Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment Seminar

Join Resources for the Future (RFF) and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment for the public launch of Confronting the Climate Challenge: US Policy Options. From the publisher: This new book presents a unique framework for evaluating the impacts of a range of US climate-policy options, both for the economy overall and for particular household groups, industries, and regions. Co-authors Lawrence Goulder (Stanford) and Marc Hafstead (RFF) focus on four alternative approaches for reducing carbon dioxide emissions: a revenue-neutral carbon tax, a cap-and-trade program, a clean energy standard, and an increase in the federal gasoline tax. They demonstrate that these policies—if designed correctly—not only can achieve emissions reductions at low cost but also can avoid placing undesirable burdens on low-income household groups or especially vulnerable industries.

Hafstead and Goulder were joined by veteran journalist Bill Loveless, who moderated a discussion about these various climate policy options, including their impacts, trade-offs, and likelihoods of implementation in the current political climate. Jerry Taylor of the Niskanen Center also provided comments.



  • Lawrence H. Goulder, University Fellow, Resources for the Future; Shuzo Nishihara Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics, Stanford University
  • Marc Hafstead, Fellow and Director, Carbon Pricing Initiative, Resources for the Future