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Anthony Paul is a fellow at RFF and a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering at Johns Hopkins University with advisor Dr. Benjamin Hobbs. Paul received an MS in economics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 2006. He focuses his research on the power sector in the United States and related issues of regulation, economics, and the environment, and is published in a range of economics and energy policy journals. He has been the lead developer of the RFF Haiku Electricity Market Model since its inception in 1998. 
Paul's current areas of research include analysis of a clean energy standard approach to federal climate policy, and the role of the details of the policy design. He also studies a federal carbon tax and the welfare impacts of tax revenue allocation as well as the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generators under the Clean Air Act. He is interested in research to identify second-best policies that have political feasibility and that can achieve nearly first-best outcomes. New areas of research are hedging strategies for power generation capacity owners, and complementarity modeling of energy systems. Paul’s past work includes analysis and technical support for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the AB32 program in California, the development of federal global warming legislation, and regulatory processes of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy.

Paul is in RFF’s Energy and Climate Program.


MS in economics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2006
BS in civil and environmental engineering, and engineering and public policy, Carnegie Mellon University, 1997

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