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Juha Siikamäki

Thomas J. Klutznick Senior Fellow

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Juha Siikamäki is the Thomas J. Klutznick Senior Fellow and associate research director at RFF. He is an expert in the economics of ecosystem services, including their valuation, tradeoffs, and conservation priority setting. His research often addresses forests or coastal ecosystems, with the purpose of enabling ecosystem management and policy to more comprehensively and cost-effectively account for all the different benefits ecosystems support. He is especially experienced in studying the public’s preferences for the environment and different environmental policy options. His work on preferences and consumer behavior extends beyond ecosystem-related topics, including recent research on households’ preferences for energy efficiency. His work is geographically broad, including assessments in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, China, and elsewhere.

Siikamäki recently lead a series of studies about “blue carbon,” intended to better understand the potential of coastal ecosystems for carbon storage and sequestration. His recent and current work also examines tradeoffs in the protection of biodiversity and forest carbon, evaluates conservation priorities in Latin America and the Caribbean, and scrutinizes wood fuel as a source of energy and carbon emissions. He also works extensively on the valuation of forest and coastal ecosystem services in many different areas, including the Gulf of Mexico, the eastern United States, the Amazon, Latin America, and globally. He has published broadly in fields relevant to his work, including economics, econometrics, ecology, and general science. He joined RFF in 2004. He holds a PhD from the University of California, Davis. 


PhD University of California, Davis, 2001
MS University of California, Davis, 1998
MS University of Helsinki, 1995

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