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Matthew Wibbenmeyer’s research seeks to understand important factors that influence administration of environmental management and to use this understanding to inform improved policy. With a focus on forest and land management, he is interested in how actions and interactions among government and individuals determine management outcomes. His work frequently makes use of spatial data and interdisciplinary approaches. Current work includes an analysis of the cost-effectiveness of wildfire suppression efforts in the western US, as well as research linking economic models of individual and government behavior with biophysical forest ecology models to study implications of behavioral biases for forest management. Past work has used stated preference methods to study wildfire manager attitudes toward risk, including risk to private property and fire management personnel.  


PhD in economics, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2018

MS in resource conservation, University of Montana, 2010

BA in economics, Williams College, 2007

BA in biology, Williams College, 2007

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