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Virginia McConnell

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Virginia McConnell works on environmental issues related to air pollution and urban transportation. Her recent focus has been on the link between urban growth and the environment; specifically, she is evaluating policies to reduce vehicle pollution, programs to scrap old cars, inspection and maintenance programs, and emission taxes. She also is studying the role of economic incentives to achieve more efficient urban growth.  
McConnell is a professor of economics at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. She recently served on the National Academy of Sciences' Committee to Review the Effectiveness of Vehicle Emissions Inspection and Maintenance Programs, and has been a member of several U.S. Environmental Protection Agency advisory committees, including the Mobile Source Technical Review, a subcommittee of the Clean Air Act advisory committee.

McConnell is in RFF’s Energy and Climate Program.


PhD in economics, University of Maryland, 1978
BA in economics, Smith College, 1969

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