RFF Staff

Below is a list of all RFF staff members and their contact information, grouped by department.


Name Title Phone Email
Jeannine Ajello Digital Strategy Manager 202.328.5120 ajello@rff.org
Dave Cohen Press Secretary 202.328.5168 dcohen@rff.org
Scott D. Hase Manager, Institutional Outreach 202.328.5006 hase@rff.org
Peter Nelson Director of Communications 202.328.5191 nelson@rff.org
Kate Petersen Editorial Associate 202.328.5018 petersen@rff.org
Dylan Singleton Digital Content Associate 202.328.5067 singleton@rff.org
Christine Tolentino Events Coordinator 202.328.5196 tolentino@rff.org
Adrienne Young Managing Editor 202.328.5007 young@rff.org


Name Title Phone Email
Julie Alleyne Research Support Manager 202.328.5045 alleyne@rff.org
Ann M. Bartuska Vice President for Land, Water, and Nature 202.328.5091 bartuska@rff.org
Richard L. Bernknopf Visiting Fellow 650.935.2330 rbern@unm.edu
Allen Blackman Senior Fellow 202.328.5073 blackman@rff.org
Jessica Blakely Research Assistant 202.238.5105 blakely@rff.org
Joshua Blonz Postdoctoral Fellow 202.328.5054 blonz@rff.org
James W. Boyd Senior Fellow 202.328.5013 boyd@rff.org
Timothy J. Brennan Senior Fellow 202.328.5084 brennan@rff.org
Dallas Burtraw Darius Gaskins Senior Fellow 202.328.5087 burtraw@rff.org
Yunguang Chen Postdoctoral Fellow 202.328.5058 ygchen@rff.org
Ziyan (Jessica) Chu Research Associate and GIS Research Coordinator 202.328.5015 chu@rff.org
Roger M. Cooke Chauncey Starr Senior Fellow 202.328.5127 cooke@rff.org
Maureen L. Cropper Senior Fellow 202.328.5083 cropper@rff.org
Brandon Cunningham Research Assistant 202.328.5166 cunningham@rff.org
William E. Dickenson Senior Advisor 202.328.5171 dickenson@rff.org
Isabel Echarte Research Assistant 202.328.5147 echarte@rff.org
Justin Eggstaff Visiting Fellow N/A eggstaff@email.gwu.edu
Rebecca Epanchin-Niell Fellow 202.328.5069 epanchin-niell@rff.org
Carolyn Fischer Senior Fellow N/A fischer@rff.org
Brian Flannery Visiting Fellow N/A flannery@rff.org
Arthur G. Fraas Visiting Fellow 202.328.5164 fraas@rff.org
Nataliya Gorbataya Research Proposal Coordinator 202.328.5021 gorbataya@rff.org
Marc Hafstead Fellow and Director, Carbon Pricing Initiative 202.328.5169 hafstead@rff.org
Kristin Hayes Program Director, Energy and Climate 202.328.5033 hayes@rff.org
Mun Ho Visiting Fellow 202.328.5155 ho@rff.org
Christina Hoenow Research Administrative Coordinator 202.328.5149 hoenow@rff.org
Justine Huetteman Research Assistant 202.328.5051 huetteman@rff.org
Amelia Keyes Research Assistant 202.328.5110 keyes@rff.org
Cora Kingdon Research Assistant 202.328.5081 kingdon@rff.org
Raymond J. Kopp Vice President, Energy and Climate; and Senior Fellow 202.328.5059 kopp@rff.org
Kailin Kroetz Fellow 202.328.5173 kroetz@rff.org
Joseph A. Kruger Visiting Fellow 202.328.5026 kruger@rff.org
Alan J. Krupnick Senior Fellow 202.328.5107 krupnick@rff.org
Yusuke Kuwayama Fellow and VALUABLES Consortium Director for Socioeconomic Studies 202.328.5190 kuwayama@rff.org
Benjamin Leard Fellow 202.328.5189 leard@rff.org
Patrick Lee Research Assistant 202.328.5175 lee@rff.org
Joshua Linn Senior Fellow 202.328.5047 linn@rff.org
Bethany Mabee VALUABLES Consortium Community Manager 202.328.5032 mabee@rff.org
Jan Mares Senior Advisor 202.328.5144 mares@rff.org
Virginia McConnell Senior Fellow 202.328.5122 mcconnell@rff.org
Richard D. Morgenstern Senior Fellow 202.328.5037 morgenstern@rff.org
Mark Nepf Research Assistant 202.328.5182 nepf@rff.org
Karen L. Palmer Senior Fellow 202.328.5106 palmer@rff.org
Anthony Paul Fellow 202.328.5148 paul@rff.org
Paul Picciano Research Assistant 202.328.5074 picciano@rff.org
Brian C. Prest Fisher Dissertation Fellow 202.328.5109 prest@rff.org
Daniel Raimi Senior Research Associate 202.328.5036 raimi@rff.org
Kevin Rennert Fellow and Director, Social Cost of Carbon Initiative 202.328.5138 rennert@rff.org
Heather L. Ross Visiting Fellow 202.328.5144 ross@rff.org
Andrew Royal Postdoctoral Fellow 202.328.5185 royal@rff.org
Jeremy Schreifels Visiting Fellow 202.328.5026 schreifels@rff.org
Leonard A. Shabman Senior Fellow 202.328.5139 shabman@rff.org
Daniel Shawhan Visiting Fellow 202.328.5027 shawhan@rff.org
Jhih-Shyang Shih Fellow 202.328.5028 shih@rff.org
Katalin Springel Postdoctoral Fellow 202.328.5017 springel@rff.org
Daniel M. Sullivan Fellow 202.328.5108 sullivan@rff.org
Alexandra Thompson Research Associate 202.328.5088 thompson@rff.org
Margaret A. Walls Senior Fellow 202.328.5092 walls@rff.org
Casey J. Wichman Fellow 202.328.5055 wichman@rff.org
Roberton C. Williams III Senior Fellow and Director, Academic Programs 202.328.5031 williams@rff.org
Hang Yin Senior Research Assistant 202.328.5044 yin@rff.org
Michael Zwirn Program Director, Land, Water, and Nature 202.328.5005 zwirn@rff.org

Finance & Administration

Name Title Phone Email
Aris M. Awang Database Programmer/Analyst 202.328.5101 awang@rff.org
Jane Bergwin-Rand Grants and Contracts Administrator 202.328.5165 bergwin@rff.org
Chris Clotworthy Librarian 202.328.5089 clotwort@rff.org
Ted Hand Senior Strategy Advisor 202.328.5029 hand@rff.org
Terri O'Brien Vice President for Finance and Administration 202.328.5181 obrien@rff.org
Mike Raftery IT Manager 202.328.5102 raftery@rff.org
Claudia Rios Accounting Manager 202.328.5049 rios@rff.org
Barmak Saravi Desktop Support Analyst 202.328.5062 saravi@rff.org
John Valdez Systems Administrator 202.328.5199 valdez@rff.org
Ressie Walker Human Resources Manager 202.328.5053 walker@rff.org


Name Title Phone Email
Angela S. Blake Development Assistant 202.328.5071 blake@rff.org
Nina Patel Senior Development Officer 202.328.5079 patel@rff.org
Tamara Sperling Interim Director of Development 202.328.5163 sperling@rff.org
Michael Viola Prospect Research & Data Manager 202.328.5078 viola@rff.org
Paula Wolferseder Yabar Vice President for Development N/A yabar@rff.org

Office of the President

Name Title Phone Email
Richard G. Newell President and CEO 202.328.5077 newell@rff.org
Marilyn M. Voigt Executive Assistant to the President 202.328.5077 voigt@rff.org
Shannon Wulf Tregar Chief of Staff 202.328.5019 wulf@rff.org